Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not Me Sunday's

Well I have taken this idea from my friends blog.  I always love reading her Not Me Monday's and it gives me inspiration so I thought I would try out Not me Sunday's since that is the beginning of our week.....

1. I did not bake 10 dozen cookies with my friends and try to decorate them all in about 3 hours
2. I did not run 8 miles and think it was fun
3. I do  not have a husband that shows his emotions about life to other people, and he does not inspire me to be a much better person every day!
4. I did not teach 6,7,8 graders about music today and did not have one of the best days ever.
5. I did not try out 4 different dinner recipes last week and have success with all of them....according to Norris.
6. I did not stay out all weekend past my bed time and regret it this morning when I had to go to school.
7. I did not go out and buy a new treadmill so that we can run at home and not worry about trying to fit it all in at school.
8. I did not receive my visa to get into India which leaves in 12 days.
9. I was not so tired and lazy today Norris and I ate veggies and sandwiches for dinner.

I am so happy that I have a husband that shares his emotions with everyone.  He is such a sensitive guy that Loves me and My Father.  I love when he is playing his guitar and leading us all into a better place!  I love him even more at that moment...How blessed I feel!

Oh what a beginning to the week!  But only 2 more weeks/13 more days before INDIA!!!!!!