Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trip to the pyramids

The family took a trip to the pyramids on Saturday!  I was in a little funk the other day and Norris, the sweet hubby he is, thought it would be nice to take a family trip to see a bit of this place that we live.  It is easy to forget where we live, and we can take advantage of the great sites and culture!  It was so fun to have a day to remember the blessings the Lord has given us.  I was super impressed that Norris found the pyramids while driving all by himself!  I mean once you get them in view you just need to drive until they get bigger, but the roads make it more difficult than you think!  We had to dodge crazy people trying to tell us the pyramids were closed and if we would use their camels they could get us in!  Oh boy!  It is so sad to see the tourism going down right now.  We pray that it will change for them in the very near future! 
               Well anyway we had a great time showing Jovee another area of the country where she lives!

I know this photo is blown out but I still thought it was pretty fun!

                                                    Jovee and daddy at the pyramids!

Getting Jovee out and letting her walk around the pyramids.  She liked the dirt!  It was pretty cute!

Even though I have seen them like 10 times I still think they are AMAZING!!!  Unreal!!!!

Yup they are pretty big!!!
Enjoying her waffle during picture time!

Mommy and Jovee at the pyramids!

Family Picture Time!!!

Jovee on a camel!  I could NOT get that man to move so I could get a picture!  That is ok we will be back again when it is a bit cooler!!!!

Walking to see the sphinx....


She was pointing to all the camels and horses...saying "neigh".  Apparently camels and horses say the same thing!

Time for some water!  It was a "bit" hot!!!

Time to go!  It was too hot to stay for long!
Here is a little video of Jovee walking around by the Sphinx...
She is really hot which you will see at the end when she barely sticks her hands up to tell us how big the pyramids are!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

15 months and cute as ever....

Jovee is 15 months old!  Can't believe it but I am LOVING this age!  She can do so many fun things!  15 months stats:
25 lbs
33 1/2 inches

Nothing better than coloring on your 15 month birthday! 


Momma made some waffles!

Brushing our hair!

Hanging out with momma!
Jovee..."where is your belly button?"  So cute!  She found it the other day and was SHOCKED to see it!  I was laughing so hard!  Too Cute!

                                         When did she get so big???  Love my "little" girl!

                                                Throwing a baseball at a friends house!

Hanging out with Ben and Marriette!