Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anne With and "E"

I love that Jovee loves "Anne of Green Gables"!  I think it is very cute that she walks around with the book and pretends to read it. 

At night we have a routine that we try to stick with of Bath-time, Naked Baby Time, and then a book and bottle.  For a while I was reading her a book called "Before I sleep, Bible stories".  She really liked it.  It only had one picture per story so I thought she just liked me reading to her...  So I thought once I got through it I would start "Anne of Green Gables" with her.  

I was wrong she did like the one picture she could look at!!!  We got through about 10 pages of "Anne"and I decided I probably should not push it on her.  So we are back to Dr. Seuss and picture books!  But I love it because she loves it.  Some day we will read "Anne" together like my mom and I did!  Until then I can wait!!!

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