Saturday, October 17, 2009

Seasons of Change

Well as Norris and I were walking to our bus stop the other morning we noticed that the seasons were starting to change.  It was quite cool and we were reminded of the wonderful fall changes in the states.  It was always so much fun to see leaves change up in Petoskey.  It was like a rust colored rainbow!  It was so beautiful.  Well we did notice that afternoon that times might not be changing as drastically as we thought.  That afternoon it was about 100 degrees.  It is strange to us though that it is almost November.  The year has been so short and it feels to us that it should only be the beginning of September not the middle of October.  We are getting very excited for Thanksgiving though.  It is getting so close!  I can't believe that it is going to be here in about 6 weeks!!!

well there has been quite some craziness this week at school......
first- we have been getting late to school for the last two weeks because of some construction so....with much debate with the school we were finally aloud to leave 15 minutes early.....Yeah for the furst time on Thursday I got to school before classes started!!!
second- because of this new change in time my friend was a little late in the in her hurry to catch the bus she fell from her high heels and tore a ligiment in her ankle.  It was the worst she is now in a HUGE cast on her leg and I know that it has to be sooooooo uncomfortable
third- After many doys of not being able to use the air conditioning at the school they have finally approved that we can use it again!  Yeah....soooooo starting on Sunday our kids will actually be able to focus and not be soooooooo hot!!!!  Still hot but not soooooooooooo hot!
fourth- we like to have potlucks with the teachers at the school and we had one last night!  On the way home from that another one of our friends fell and sprained her ankle!!!  We think there might be a curse on our ankles!

Other than that it was a pretty normal week!!!!!  Hope yours was too!!!!! 

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well as some of you know Norris and I are planing on running a marathon in February. Well as we noticed today that only gives us about 4 months to run it!!  that is not long!  I have been struggling to get back into the grove of running since my half.  I love running but i feel that I can't get past the 3 mile mark!  I ran 4 the other day and today I did 3 1/2 but I just keep feeling like I am not going to make it past 4!!!!  I am sure it will but man it is getting tough!  I hope that in the next couple of months I will be able to add some miles on!!!

It would help if I was able to sleep at night!!!  The airport is doing some construction on one of the run ways and the planes are going right over our house!  I am going crazy!  As you know I don't like planes and to have them going over the apartment every 5 minutes I think I am going to go crazy!  Oh well!  it is just when I wake up in the middle of the night thinking a plane is crashing in my building it is tough!  Oh well!!!!!  Life goes on!  We really love it here so much!  We are so glad we came back!  Everyday we are reminded of why we came back.  It is such a blessing to be in his will!!  At least we try!  We are searching for it everyday and I guess that is all we really can do!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"The Office"

Well, yesterday I threw Norris a birthday party all themed from the office!  It was pretty fun!  We had a great time gathering with friends.  We did a traveling party.  We began in the reception area of the office then we moved to the conference room.  We had some pizza and enjoyed some charades.  I think I made them a little to difficult but I think people had fun!  After pizza we came to the Annex and sang happy birthday and had some cake!  The cake was very good made by one of our best friends!!  She is a great cook!
      I think the best part about the evening was the "That's what she said" skit they had to do!  We have everyone in teams and they had to come up with a skit that ended with "that's what she said"!  We were laughing so hard!  There was this one skit and they were pretending to be Norris teaching and I thought I was going to die!  Scott nailed the impression of Norris and he has never even seen him teach!  It was awesome!   

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Norris' 27th Birthday!

Well last Friday Norris turned 3 times 9 as he calls it OR 27!  I can't believe it!  We are getting so old!!!  Just kidding!  We feel so blessed to have these 27 years of life and plus the last 8 together have been even better!!!  I can't begin to imagine my life with out him!  I guess that is a great thing!!!!  We have big plans for his birthday this Friday!  It should be fun!  If you are in the area swing by!!!  We are going to party office style!!!!  For his real birthday we had the time of our lives!  We had church in the morning and again that night!  We had a rocking time!  What better way to spend a birthday but at Church!!!  I can't think of one!!!!

Well I did cut my hair!  I liked the length of it but I did not really like the style so.....I decided to be assertive and go back the next day and have them fix it!  I SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!  Now it is even worse!  I do not really like it but the great thing is IT IS HAIR!!  It will grow back and now I know not to go back to that place!  Live and Learn I guess!!!

The school year has finally started!  I think it is going to be a good year!  I am going to love Middle School way better than High School!  They are so cute!  Especially my little 6th graders!  Now if they would just talk a little!  I guess that is not a bad thing!!!  I am sure after a couple weeks I will be begging for them to be quite!!!  I hope we can have a smoother year as we go than what we started with!  The only thing that is hard to swallow for me is the fact that we can't have air conditioning!  It is about 90-95 degrees and it would be nice to have air!  I am not sure if my kids will be able to stay awake if they can't have air after lunch!!!!!  As a matter of fact I am not sure if I will be able to stay awake!!!  Oh well there are worse things in life than not having air!!!!

2 tim 3:16