Thursday, September 27, 2012

A hat, a box and a light

Just a few of the things we play with while daddy is at work!

A Hat

Jovee is obsessed with everything that can become a hat!  

A Box

She loves empty water boxes.  She even tried to empty on for her daddy the other day so that she could sit in it. 

A Light

There are certain times during the day that the light comes through out shutters onto the floor.  She loves to walk over and try to pick it up.  Then she says "HOT" and tries to lay on it!  I do not think she understands the concept of "Hot" yet!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is that Santa?

"Is that Santa?"

NO....Just Jovee eating some Yoghurt.  

We are learning how to feed our self with the spoon.  She can eat really well with the fork, but the spoon is still quite messy.  And there are just days I don't really want to deal with the mess so I feed her myself.  (I know, lazy momma!)   

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cooking with Momma!

I love cooking, but doing it with a 16 month old makes it a little harder!  
Especially when she wants to help! 

It is so fun to put things into containers!

Reading the directions....
"How many Cups make a serving?"

Now time to mix

"Are you in there?"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Photo Shoot

I took 36 of my favorite photos from the day.....

Are you ready?????

Here we go....

First thing in the morning...sharing our toys.  And yes Jovee was sharing not taking!

 We decided it would be fun to play dress up...

Vivi was Tinker Bell and Jovee was Cinderella!

This is what most of the morning looked like ;-)  
Jovee did not want to sit for a Photo Shoot
I would get sooo close and then..bam she was gone!!
I moved her puzzle close to Vivi and Jovee put the pieces in for us!

 And then she was gone again....on to the next toy!

 She felt that Bunny needed to go on a ride!
 We brought the see-saw over to see if that would help....NOPE!!!
 So then I thought...what is one of Jovee's favorite things to do....

So I asked Jovee to read to Vivi....

That did it...enjoy!!!!

These next few photos I really feel like they look like cousins.  It is not too often that I have thought Jovee and Vivi look that much alike...But as I was looking through these next few I could really see a family resemblance! 

Well it was time to get out of our fun dress-up clothes and into some normal clothes....

Oh and
 AHHHH I love this photo!  Her eyes are soooooooooo beautiful...

We then had a little friend come to visit.  Jovee gave them both hugs....

 Melt My Heart!!!
 This wins....My Ultimate favorite of the 96 that I took today!!!!!

"Hey where is your mom going?"
 "I'll find out for you..."    :-)

While Jovee was napping we had some fun Auntie, Niece bonding time!

Talking to Mr. Turtle  

 I love her face!!!

Jovee woke up and we decided we needed to take a few more pictures!

Doing what they do best...eating toys!!!

"Burp baby!"

 "It's ok Vivi!"
 Thought I would try some fun belly shots....
Did not work!!!

This is what most of the day really looked like!!!

Well if you could not get enough, here is a little video of the cousins playing together!