Saturday, February 25, 2012

10 months

Jovee is 10 months old today!  Month 9 flew by!  She learned to walk, got two more teeth, laughed more than ever, learned to play with her toys on a whole new level, and saying her first word.   We have been preparing Jovee for her baby cousin coming in just 3 weeks!!!!  So we are always saying "baby" to Jovee.  She started to repeat it.  She does not know what she is saying but it is very cute to hear her say it!  She has such a fun talking voice.  I hope 10 months is just as fun and easy as 9 months was!

Saying Baby, eating her puzzle and getting steady on her feet!  Enjoy the video!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Toddler Mayhem, Jovee's Walking

We are not sure we are ready for this but here we are!!!  Let's Do it!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines Day

So I got up on Valentine's Day like any other day.  Got ready for school and went down to get in the car we are borrowing from a friend.  Inside the car was a beautiful bouquet of  flowers.  There were also two different puzzles.  If you know me you know I love puzzles!  One was a cute little puzzle of a cabin in the woods and the other was a picture of the Eiffel Tower.    I love puzzles so I was very excited to put them together.  Then Norris told me that I had to choose one.  I thought about it and I chose the Cabin in the woods.  It is such a cute little puzzle.  Then he told me I had chosen a weekend trip to England to see all the pride and prejudice and sense and sensibility sights.  I was super excited!!!  I LOVE all those old movies and to go and see Bath and Salsbury would be awesome! 

But after some talks we decided that a weekend trip to Paris would be a little more doable.  Norris has never been to Paris and I went over Christmas 4 years ago, so going in May would be beautiful.  We feel like we could see more of the sights in Paris over a weekend.  When we go to England there is just to much to see in a weekend!

So a weekend trip to Paris it is!!!  We can't wait.  Norris already set up plans with a babysitter!!!!

Yup it was a great Valentine's Day!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun with Stacky Cups

Over the last month Jovee has started to stack her cups with such determination!  If you do not yet know how to stack your cups Jovee has created a "How To With Jovee" to help you!

Good Luck....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

We Like to Move It, Move It

Jovee is the essence of Joy in our house right now.  She is living out her name and we are loving every minute....well maybe not every minute but close to it! 

She is so much fun, and there is never a dull moment.  Today as I was getting her lunch ready I heard her laughing and talking.  When I came in the living Room to see what Norris and her were laughing about, she was not there.  Norris thought she was in the kitchen with me.  We discovered that she had shut herself in the bathroom!  She thought it was a pretty fun little game! 

 And let's face it, after you had a hard day of crawling around you do not want to use your hands to push the buttons on your toys.  It is much easier to just lean over and suck them with your mouth!

All in a hard days work!!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daddy's Home

                      Norris got home today from Turkey and Jovee and daddy were very excited.....

 Jovee decided to give daddy a little present!  She soaked her shirt and then pooped on it just to add a little extra.......

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Missing Daddy Day 4

Dinner Party....
Tonight on our last night before daddy comes home we had a dinner party!  Because when daddy is not home mommy does not cook apparently!!  We had a group of friends over and Uncle Tim and Aunt Karen to have some Chili's!  Nothing like a little bit of home when you miss your hubby/daddy!!!!   

                                              The whole gang gathered around the table!!!
                                            Jovee giving a little wave while eating bananas!

                       Jovee stealing Ryan's black beans!  I love the look on her face in this picture!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby of the Year


Well...not a real award!!

Missing Daddy Day 3

Slumber Party.....
Jovee and I got to have a slumber party tonight while daddy is away!  You know the way you have a slumber party with a 9 month old that won't sit still!!!  It was a lot of fun!  We played Peek-A- Boo and she chased me around the house as I was doing laundry!!!  (yes Hun I am trying to keep on top of the laundry!!!) So needless to say it was a very fun party!

 Hanging out with some of our toys!

                                            Thinking about how much she loves her daddy!
                                      Trying to get a picture of her but she will not sit still!!!  :-)
                                                                 Me and My baby!!!
    My big girl feeding herself!!!  AAAAHHHH   She is getting soooooo big...come home daddy!!!!!!

Daddy's Love

If you have watched my blog the last couple of days you know that Norris is not here.  He is traveling with the 8th graders to Turkey.  I don't remember being able to go on a trip like that when I was in Middle School!!!  How fun for the students to learn about new places and people!  Jovee and I miss him terribly but I know he is having a good time seeing new things!!!

While away, Norris created this awesome Recipe that I wanted to share with all of you!

Yup that's right my hubby rocks!!!  I love this "Recipe" he created!!!!!!  I hope and pray we can continue to grow our family so we can experience even more of God's love!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Missing Daddy Day 2

Super Bowl Day....well for us anyway!  We have the NFL package and we were able to watch all the games this season... It was a lot of fun.  I always knew that from Monday-Wednesday we would be watching football....  Norris would have me check ESPN to see which games were worth watching and I would then set up the games for him so he would not see the score.  After the first week I realized that Norris' version of a good game and my version of a good game were quite different.  I thought if it was a high scoring game it was a good game but not for Norris.  He wanted it to be a game "full of defense"...which translated means boring :-)  Just kidding....I have learned a new appreciation for football and Defense!!!!!!!

So tonight with daddy out of town we watched the super bowl with some friends....

                                                     Jovee playing with her football toy!!!!! 
                                                Getting very excited for the game ahead!
                                              Hanging out with Molly cheering on the Giants!
                             Showing Uncle Tim the cool buttons on her walker during a brief timeout.....
                                        What is your favorite snack during the super bowl???
                                                                 Cheerios of course!!!!
                          It was a great game and we can't wait to watch it again when daddy gets here!!!!! 

                                                                 Love you daddy!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Missing Daddy Day 1

We Norris is on a trip and you guessed it, Jovee and I are missing him!  We are having fun with our time together but it is nothing like when daddy is with us! 

Jovee wanted to type daddy a message:

We might have hit the caps lock half way through!!!!!

Telling daddy all about her day....

 Trying to blow daddy kisses!
                                                                 Love You Daddy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

9 month stats...

We have a skinny little girl on our hands.  All this crawling/walking around is thinning out her cute potbelly!!!!

Weight: 20lbs
Height: 30 Inches
Cuteness: Out Of This World

Supporting her Aunties!
                                                    Daddy's Bananas and Jovee's Bananas
Giving me the look :-)
 Her facial expressions are out of this world!!!

 Getting Tired!
                                    Who needs a $100 baby gate when you have cushions!!!!  :-)