Monday, February 6, 2012

Missing Daddy Day 2

Super Bowl Day....well for us anyway!  We have the NFL package and we were able to watch all the games this season... It was a lot of fun.  I always knew that from Monday-Wednesday we would be watching football....  Norris would have me check ESPN to see which games were worth watching and I would then set up the games for him so he would not see the score.  After the first week I realized that Norris' version of a good game and my version of a good game were quite different.  I thought if it was a high scoring game it was a good game but not for Norris.  He wanted it to be a game "full of defense"...which translated means boring :-)  Just kidding....I have learned a new appreciation for football and Defense!!!!!!!

So tonight with daddy out of town we watched the super bowl with some friends....

                                                     Jovee playing with her football toy!!!!! 
                                                Getting very excited for the game ahead!
                                              Hanging out with Molly cheering on the Giants!
                             Showing Uncle Tim the cool buttons on her walker during a brief timeout.....
                                        What is your favorite snack during the super bowl???
                                                                 Cheerios of course!!!!
                          It was a great game and we can't wait to watch it again when daddy gets here!!!!! 

                                                                 Love you daddy!!!!

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  1. So glad you could be a part of the hype! It's always fun to have that 'taste of home' when so far away.