Monday, December 10, 2012

Daddy Turns 30

As you can see I am a bit behind in my posts.

We had a great time celebrating daddy's 30th birthday.  He did not want a party or any big bash, so we just had the family over for some dinner and dessert.  It was a great time to celebrate the husband that is he and the father he has become.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

8 years ago

As I was sitting on my couch crying because I feel so blessed, I blame the tears on C.J., I was thinking about 8 years ago.  8 wonderful years ago a boy asked a girl to marry him!  I could not be more grateful that he did!  8 years ago Norris got down on his knee, in front of all our friends, and asked me to marry him.  When I said yes, or just shook my head because I was speechless, I had no idea where our adventures would take us.    

It was just another Sunday, and another Choir Christmas Concert.  I loved our choir concerts.  They were so fun....well how could you not like getting together with awesome people and singing awesome music.  I think we sang the Messiah this year, but I could be wrong.  But anyway, it was just another Sunday and after the concert we were all heading over to the Ham's for the annual Choir Christmas Party!  A little Marie's Chicken, a Secret Santa gift exchange, and a gift to the Seniors.  It was going to be a great night!  Little did I know it was going to be a life changing night!!!  Norris had it all set up with his dad, and his mom had the brilliant idea of having someone record the nights events!  I was so clueless!!!! 

After everyone exchanged their Secret Santa Gifts, Bob began to give out his gifts to the seniors.  He gave us all awesome scarves!  He saved Norris' for last and after Norris got his gift and gave his speech he told everyone that he had another gift.  No one knew what he was doing while he was looking behind the Christmas tree for his gift.  In the video you can see his dad trying very hard not to give it away and his sister Meryl was a sobbing wreck right next to me...and still I was clueless. 

I figured it out though the moment he said he loved me.  Norris found his gift and turned to me and told me that he Loved me.  "Love" was not a word we were going to say until we were engaged.  Norris had never told any girl that he loved her and we wanted to save that for his bride!!!!!   So when he started telling me over and over and over that he Loved me....well I was no longer clueless.  I had finally figured it out and I was speechless.  To excited to talk....but also in the back of my head I was better not try to kiss me!!!!  Yup that's PDA for me.  In the video you see me put my head down on his shoulder because I just knew he was going to kiss me!!!  Ha Ha Ha...oh dear!! 

Now as I sit on my computer in Cairo, Egypt and I listen to monitor of my sleeping baby and feel the kicking of our new little baby to come and feel so blessed that 8 years ago a boy asked a girl to marry him!!!!!!!!


Well hello there!  It has been a long time!  I am glad to see you again.  Life has been a tad crazy since October.  I hope to be back now to continue to share with you in our crazy fun adventures!  I have a lot to catch up on so hopefully you (and I) can keep up!