Friday, August 26, 2011

Pool Time

Our friends gave us a little blow-up pool that we got out today.  Now we had to do it in our living room because it is way to hot to be outside with her in the sun.
 Jovee sporting her new swimsuit....I can't quite figure out why/how it is a 12 month will only fit her for about another month...but whatever!!!

 She loved splashing in the water..

 She wanted to try to drink the water.....

Splashing in the water....

4 Months

We have made it through the first few months.  They have been interesting to say the least, but definitely interesting!!
 Jovee got all her measurements at the doctor's office yesterday:
Height: 26 Inches
Weight: 18 lbs
She is a big girl and seems quite healthy!  Nothing more we could ask for.....ok maybe one night of sleep but that will come someday :-)
Here are some pictures of Jovee at 4 months old:

Jovee our little cheerleader!

 Jovee decided that she wanted to get up at 5am on her 4 month birthday, she just wanted to relax on the couch!

 Later that day we were practicing our squats...
 The many faces of Jovee.....

 She loves to eat her burp is sooooo tasty.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Singing Baby

Norris likes to play the guitar for Jovee in the afternoons.  Lately Jovee has become quite vocal, which we love.  It is very cute to hear her voice and I think she is going to be a soprano!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Star Wars Lovin'

The other day Jovee was having a rough day.  Norris and I decided to have a "Star Wars" marathon to help us get through Jovee's rough day.  Little did we know that all it took was a little "Star Wars" in her life to make her better!!!!

She is truly a Courliss!!!!  :-)
She also has the wookie call down.....

Reading Time

Every night before we give Jovee a bath we read for about 30 minutes.  She seems to really like that time.  Last night she decided that she wanted to read to us!

Last Christmas Norris was given "Panda's Little Secret" from his parents.  It was the same book that he was given at his first birthday.  When he was little his mom and dad used to read it to him.  The other day Norris decided that it was time to share with Jovee..."The Secret"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Snuggle Time

We have been told that we need to treasure the time that we have with Jovee at each stage.  Now honestly I am glad that the newborn stage is over, but I will be quite sad when she leaves this stage!  She is very snugly and I love it!
Right before we give her a bath!
 Chillin' with Daddy
 Showing Jovee our favorite place on earth....Thailand
Our Crazy Family!  I love Jovee's face in these pictures!!!!!

Weekly Update

Jovee has done a lot of things in the past week.  Her biggest achievement has been rolling from her back to her front!  She loves to do it!  We set her down and over she goes.  The problem is....she then gets mad that she is on her tummy and can't reach her toys.  Now I know everyone says there baby is the best and does things super early but I think she might crawl soon.  (Norris thinks I am crazy.  He says she crawls about 1mm every two hours!!!!!!!!!)  I think she has daddy's determined personality, you never know, right? 
 Also we got her a fun new toy.  It is a walker and she loves to walk around with it!  It is really cute because she just goes in a circle.  I feel like she is like Kelsey my parents dog.  She can only turn one direction :-)
Jovee uses a new bottle top!!!!  If you know anything about her ability to eat, or lack there of, you will also be impressed.  We had to buy some new bottles and we tried the tops and she could eat with them and not choke!!!!  We were so excited.  She can now eat in about 10-15 minutes instead of 30-45 minutes!!!!  It is awesome!!!!!! 
Other than that we are just hanging out trying getting ready to go back to school!!!  Two more weeks of vacation!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Change is in the (H)air....

Well there has been a lot of change around here this week.....
#1..... The biggest change I think is in Norris.  Yup you guessed it off went the hair!
 Looking Good....It looks like there is a dead animal in our sink!!!

We were afraid that Jovee would not recognize Norris without his hair but she knew it was him immediately.  No fooling that child!

The next big change is in our furniture.  We got Barney our big purple couch this week!!!  WE LOVE IT!  Is is sooooooooo comfy to sit on and take naps on!!!!
 Jovee had her first feeding on it and loved it!
Now it looks REALLY purple in the picture but there is a bit of tan and pink that run through the material....Ok it is purple..........