Friday, August 12, 2011

It's all in the family...or not!

Norris and I do not have the privilege of watching many of Justin's games because of the time difference from here to Cleveland.  When we were in the States he seemed to pitch every afternoon game but now that we are back in Egypt and we want him to pitch the afternoon games it is not happening.  The internet is a great thing though...we can get up every morning and read articles about how amazing he did the night before...and then we don't have to be nervous while we are watching!!!!  SO win, win!  The other day when we were reading how Justin did there was a picture of him throwing the ball...
We were not sure how in the world he was doing that with him arm.....

So we decided to try ourselves.....

Now if you look at me I am doing it perfectly.  I think that my form could get me to the pros in a minute..... :-)
 And then there is Norris....he thinks he has it down but don't tell him that I am WAY better.....
As you can see neither one of us could even come close.....Justin, not sure how you do it but Awesome!!!!!


  1. You guys crack me up! I wish someone was seeing you guys as you were posing to look like Justin! hahaha, I bet Jovee would like to try the pose too! I miss you guys! Lets skype soon! Justin pitches tonight!!!!!
    Time to practice your pitching stance!

  2. This is awesome! :-D