Monday, August 31, 2009

Running Again!!!!

Well I have decided that I am going to run a full marathon this year. Last year I ran a half marathon and it was crazy hard! I am glad I did it and I am not sure why I feel inspired to run a full one but it has been a dream for about 5 years so I figure I better get my act together!

So today was the start of the training. IT WAS BAD. I think it was the most polluted day we have had here in Cairo! What Luck! Oh well I was still able to do some! It was not as long as I wanted to but when it gets cooler outside it will get easier! It is nice though because Norris is training too and so are some of my closest friends here! We are going to either run one during the easter break or we are going to meet somewhere to run it this summer!!! OR MAYBE BOTH! I hope both! I figure if I am going to train I might as well do as many as I can to just get it over with!!!!!! No I really like running. I know it is strange to hear, if you know me at all! It is a great time to have some ALONE time! I really enjoy that time to just listen! I am not a good listener but I can try to listen then!!!!

More to come as the training continues!!! Oh and Plus I get to go to the pyramids tomorrow!!! I LOVE THIS JOB!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Well we made it back to Egypt! We are thrilled! It is great to be back at the school and it will be great to see the kids again....whenever that may be! We have been closed down for the next month due to many factors...some of them interesting but we will take the extra days of vacation if it is forced on us!!! (Sense the sarcasm) We think we may go on a trip so that will be fun!!! It has been great to reconnect with friends and people that we love! It has been hard to get into a routine here but I am sure that once we start school in October or whenever we will finally get into one!!!!!

We love you all!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

L.I.F.E. wanna go back to Egypt. That is a song by Keith Green. Norris and I have heard it a couple of times this summer. We are going back to Egypt. We are really excited! We had NO idea we were going to be going back until about 4 weeks ago. I was in Italy and Norris called and said he did not think he should be going to Law School. The great thing about that....I was in Italy!!! We did a lot of praying and contacted our director from school and we were able to get some great jobs again and we just knew that was what we needed to do! We are very excited! We leave on Tuesday and we start the next 2-3 years of our lives! We are not sure what we are going to do with these years but we know that God has it all planned out!

It made us chuckle a little because we really thought we had the next three years planned and they did not involve a different country but we are thrilled! We know this is where we need to be! We loved it in Egypt and we are excited to get back and see the friends we made last year! It has been a struggle though because we will not be home until next Christmas. We will miss our friends and family! We know that lots of things change over a year but we just have to go where the Lord wants! Thank you for your prayers!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

4 years of bliss

Well maybe it has not all been bliss but the last 4 years have been pretty awesome. My hubby and I have spent some great years traveling. We did not really know we wanted to travel but the Lord made it pretty obvious to us this last year. We had one of the hardest times in our lives last summer. (it was not that tough...but praise the Lord it was the hardest thing we have gone through together.) We were glad we went through it though and we would not change our situation for anything. We did not have a job and no one would hire us because we had to much education and we did not have car our an apartment or anything! We pretty much just had the clothes on our back and our lap top!!!!!! Well he was breaking us and making us follow him and not our own ideas! We are so glad he got a hold of our hearts! We then moved to Egypt because it was the only place we could get a job. It was the best year of our life and now we get to go back! We are supper excited! We are going to be living there for the next two years! We are thrilled to see what the Lord is going to do with us! We just try to live one day at a time but I guess it is human to try to live a year at a time or sometimes more!!! When we think about what he has done for us in the last 4 years we can't wait to have 4 more years! It may not be perfect bliss because we are on earth and nothing is perfect BUT it is as close as I imagine we can get! What a wonderful gift marriage is! I am so glad the Lord created man and women for each other! Being Married is the best!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well I can't believe it but I am 27 years old......... Now I know that is not THAT old but it still is a strange feeling! When I think about what I thought my life would be when I was 27 other than being married to the best person in the world, my best friend, and wonderful supporter, not much is what I thought. I am sure most girls dream about the white picket fence and the babies and the cars. I am not sure I dreamed about the while picket fence but I am sure I thought I would have a house, and babies and a car!!!!!! Oh but GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!
I really don't have any of those things. No car, no house, no babies, nothing. But I have a closer relationship with God than I have ever had and I have an incredible husband that loves me and cares for me and LOVES GOD!!! We might not always make the right choices but we do our best to do what the Lord wants. When I look at my life even in the past 9 years....the time that Norris and I have known each other this is what I see:

Fun new friendship blossom
Deal with difficult life problems
Marriage to the best man ever
Finding close girl friends I will stay close with the rest of my life
getting a new family THE HAMS
Graduating with a Bachelors and a Master's!
Moving to Atlanta
Moving to Cairo
Trying to start a family (well talking about it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Wow what an adventure to go on in just those last 9 years!!! Now Norris told me that being 27 is like being 9 three times! Now if I have done all that in the last 9 years....I can't even being to imagine what the next 9 years will have for us! It is so nice to think you have a plan for your life and then GOD comes in and says......."Do you want a better plan?" "One that will take you where you can't go yourself and one that will make you grow closer to me?"
YES YES YES YES!!!! That is the plan I want!! Just 9 years where has it taken you??? Just think about it. Where did you want to be? Are you glad that God took you where he wanted you instead???
"Oh Lord lead us where you want us to go!" "Surprise us and lead us in places we never thought we would go!!!!"