Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well I can't believe it but I am 27 years old......... Now I know that is not THAT old but it still is a strange feeling! When I think about what I thought my life would be when I was 27 other than being married to the best person in the world, my best friend, and wonderful supporter, not much is what I thought. I am sure most girls dream about the white picket fence and the babies and the cars. I am not sure I dreamed about the while picket fence but I am sure I thought I would have a house, and babies and a car!!!!!! Oh but GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!
I really don't have any of those things. No car, no house, no babies, nothing. But I have a closer relationship with God than I have ever had and I have an incredible husband that loves me and cares for me and LOVES GOD!!! We might not always make the right choices but we do our best to do what the Lord wants. When I look at my life even in the past 9 years....the time that Norris and I have known each other this is what I see:

Fun new friendship blossom
Deal with difficult life problems
Marriage to the best man ever
Finding close girl friends I will stay close with the rest of my life
getting a new family THE HAMS
Graduating with a Bachelors and a Master's!
Moving to Atlanta
Moving to Cairo
Trying to start a family (well talking about it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Wow what an adventure to go on in just those last 9 years!!! Now Norris told me that being 27 is like being 9 three times! Now if I have done all that in the last 9 years....I can't even being to imagine what the next 9 years will have for us! It is so nice to think you have a plan for your life and then GOD comes in and says......."Do you want a better plan?" "One that will take you where you can't go yourself and one that will make you grow closer to me?"
YES YES YES YES!!!! That is the plan I want!! Just 9 years where has it taken you??? Just think about it. Where did you want to be? Are you glad that God took you where he wanted you instead???
"Oh Lord lead us where you want us to go!" "Surprise us and lead us in places we never thought we would go!!!!"

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