Saturday, March 20, 2010

You know you are new in Cairo when.....

So Norris and I were reading this magazine and we came across this list......


1. You stop for pedestrians.
2. The secret code of flicking lights and tooting horns has yet to be decoded.
3. Rules of the road have also yet to be decoded-actually and ancient mystery!
4. shopping is still exciting and an adventure.
5. Every time you go to cook a meal you discover yet another basic ingredient you don't have on hand!
6. The cats are cute and the donkey carts are "picturesque".
7. Starbucks/Caffe Greco is a sanctuary-actually that never changes!
8. You carry a map and hope it will soon make sense.
9. You have a purse load of kleenex packets.
10. You have no idea where you live relative to anything.
11. You get nervous walking across a road-and so you should.
12. You pray before every highway journey- well, this doesn't change either!

Some of these things never change.  I still think that shopping is an adventure and I like to try substituting different ingredient in my meals.....It will never be the same way twice that is for sure!  And I always have kleenex, you never know where you will need it and where there will be toilet paper!  I must say the cats are anything but cute and the donkey carts......

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Starbucks.... :-)

Interesting little fact about the Hams:

So Norris and I like to walk to Starbucks on Saturday mornings to plan our life.  We laugh that it is usually changed after the 30 minute walk home but while we are there our plans sound perfect!  Well neither one of us is a coffee drinker, so when we are there we usually get these "Ice Blended Frappuccinos".  For about a month they did not have the Syrup to make the drink so the only way they could make it was if they put coffee in it.  Well we just got used to it and now we always just order it with the coffee.  Because there is so much sugar in it you really can barely taste the coffee.

       On Tuesdays and Wednesday's there is an option to go to school early.  The only problem with that is the bus meets in front of McDonald's.  Oh Dear......I have been rewarding myself for getting up early by ordering a Cappuccino.  Well when Norris was gone last week I decided that it was important for me to go outside everyday, even though he was not here.  So I would walk to the Starbucks and order a "Carmel Ice Blend Frappuccino."  I kept getting the kind with coffee and by the end of the week I would walk in and they knew exactly what I wanted!  YIKES!  Well I think it has finally happened.  Norris and I are becoming addicted to drinking coffee.  I think it is happening more to me than to him, because he drinks so much soda, but nonetheless it is happening!  I have to say we both still do not like regular coffee but when it has all the sugars and ice stuff in it I am hooked!

YUMMMM.....I am heading to Starbucks......wanna come??????  

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New and Old Memories

Well Norris and I have been redecorating.  We know that we only have a couple of months until we move into our new apartment but I decided to decorate anyway.  I have created a wall in our apartment that is my memory wall.  I have printed out some pictures from my favorite spots.  There are of course many from Egypt and Thailand!  Those are probably my most favorite spots.....  I am excited to add more pictures to it!  This is just the start of the wall.  It is fun to look at it though and see all the places I can add new or old memories!  It is neat how you realize that there are many things yet to come.  Some times it is easy to get into a rut and feel like you are not really going I can look at the wall and see where we have come and what we have to look forward to in the future! 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Summer Plans

Sooooo, Norris and I have the month of August to do some traveling.  We have been to Thailand, India and Egypt and we don't really want to do Europe.  We want to save that for when we are a little older.  We love to do backpacking and outdoor stuff.  So anyway I want to ask your opinion on where you would want to go.  If you could spend a month somewhere where would it be???????? 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pigeons Attack

So Norris and I have had an attack of pigeons lately!  The other day we were walking up our stairs and there was one sitting by our doorway.  It did not move when we walked up the stairs so we knew it had been hurt.  when we went out in the morning there was evidence by the amount of feathers that a cat had gotten in our building and the pigeon was gone.  It had flown through a window in the hallway and it was not going to make it. 
Well the other day when I was washing dishes I had a FRIENDS moment.  There is an episode in FRIENDS where a pigeon fly's through an open window in the apartment and Rachel has to catch it and put it back outside.  Well the other day that just about happened to me.  I am glad that the pigeon could not quite figure out how to get in.  It scared me to death.  I shut the window faster than he could figure out how to get in. Good thing he did not get in.  With Norris not here I am not sure what I would have done!  I would have just opened all the windows and hope he found his way out!!!!!!

Well I did not have to worry because he did not quite make it in but it made me laugh, after I realized he would not get in.  I hope that the other pigeons learn not to come through the windows because I do not want to have to through a pigeon out!