Monday, May 31, 2010


CHALLENGE:  for the month of June and more than you ever have before.   Read the word more than you ever have.  If you read it everyday read it more.....if you do not read it often try to read it more!  I am trying to do cover to cover by August.  What are you going to challenge yourself with?!?!?!?!!  


So I know that I just put up a post but a lot of things have happened in the last couple of weeks!  Two Fridays ago Norris and I got to lead worship at church on Friday night.  It was a night of just singing and celebrating.  We love that we have been given this path at HCC.  We feel so blessed that we have the ability to meet all the different people at the church.  They are from all parts of the world and they all bring something different to the table.
We have two guys that are really good friends of ours that have just learned that their Mom or Dad have a brain tumor.  It is just great to see how they are able to take this and pray for it.  It is great to see how HCC has come around them to help them.  We got some news about one of our friends Mom and her cancer is very slow moving and benin.  It is such an answer.  He will be home this summer and he will be get to be there for the surgery.  The other one was not as good of news.  His dad has a very advance form of cancer and has been given about 12 weeks to live.  But it is great to listen to him talk about his dad.  He knows that he will either be healed here on earth or when he gets to heaven.....It is neat to see how he has such faith in the one we know!  It is interesting how when these things happen it only brings you closer to HIM!
I have been learning that I have to believe in Who HE Is not What He does.  What a hard lesson to understand.  I am not sure I will ever be able to completely understand, or comprehend that!  I am trying.  I want to believe in Who He is.  He is compassionate and loving and just and powerful.  How wonderful to have that in our lives.  How can I sit here and try to understand what He does.  I can't see the whole picture, only He can.....  How presumptuous that I would say He should do something different or change what He has done......  But how easy it is to do that!  Focus on having a heart like 1and 2 sam. to get a great example of that!!!!!!


So today Norris and I thought that we would take a simple little walk to the mall and grab some dinner.  Well we think that Costa Coffee has the best caesar salads in Cairo.  So we love to go and get some salads from there.   Usually Norris can get some grading done and it is a nice time that we can hang out.  Well today as we were walking up to the mall we noticed there were a lot more young teenagers then normal.  Now this is a place full of children so we just kind of thought there must be a holiday we missed!  When we finally waded through the groups of boys and finally made it to Costa we could barely even hear.  We decided to leave after dinner.......if we could just get the check!  Well we asked for the check and realized that they charged us for a different size drink than they gave us.  When we showed it to the waiter he could not understand what we were saying.  We even showed him the drinks we had to let him know.  Finally Norris took the guys pen and wrote it all down for him!!!!  He still did not get it so our waiter went to get a manager.  Now all they needed to do was take away 20 LE......
When the manager finally came he gave us an estimate us to how much we owed.  He just wanted us to pay 100LE and call it even....but we did not owe 100 LE.....  Norris was not about to pay 10-15 LE more than we needed to.  The manager said it was going to take a long time to get the bill back.  So Norris just looked at the manager and said.."Tell you what you have 5 minutes and then I am gone"  Miraculously we got the bill in about 10 seconds!!!!!  Norris does not freak out to often but this was just one of those moments........ to funny!!!!!!!!!!

As my friend says..Peace and Love from the Sandbox

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scary moments

Well yesterday was an interesting day at the Ham household.  Saturday afternoons we tend to wind down and get ready for school.  We try to get lunches ready for the week and make sure we have gotten all the stuff done we wanted for the weekend.  It is nice not to have too much stress going into the week. 

To say the least yesterday was not to be one of those Saturday's!  I had gone out with some girls to have a jewelry brunch which was so much fun!  One of my friends was selling jewelry with all the money going to Ugandan women who have lost their husbands and jobs because of fighting and other reasons.  Where was I ...Oh yes Saturday........  Well on Saturday afternoon I was messing around with my camera, I am trying to figure out new shots I can take with the camera, and I was sitting out on our porch.  Norris was getting a little sick of me taking pictures of his face!  I love reading "The pioneer woman"....She teaches so much about cameras and all sorts of things.  Well I decided to go outside and try some of the stuff she had mentioned on her blog.  While I was on the porch, there was a funny smell coming from downstairs.  I did not really think anything of it.  I came back inside and then I heard some yelling.  I noticed that it was not a man yelling for recycling but it was different.  So I went back outside.  I started listening to what they were saying and it sounded like they were saying"Fire!" 
    Now I am not sure what the Arabic word is for fire but I was convinced.  It did not take long.  Well Norris said he would check it out and I knew it was not good when he came back in and told me to grab my camera and the computer.  I kind of started to freak.  I did a good job of keeping it least for me.  We ran around the house and got all that we thought we needed.
   Norris said that when he leaned over the side to look off the porch he saw flames coming from the side of the building.  Luckily when we got down stairs there were people there with a bunch of hoses to put the fire out.  We think someone was smoking and they threw the bud into some dry leaves and they caught on fire.
After it was all over we were so grateful.  We now it was not a bad fire.  We are so blessed they got the fire out before it got worse.  The people on the first floor were also very blessed that it was not worse.  I am so thankful for the men that were walking by that saw the flames and alerted the building!!!!!!!!!!!!