Monday, May 31, 2010


So today Norris and I thought that we would take a simple little walk to the mall and grab some dinner.  Well we think that Costa Coffee has the best caesar salads in Cairo.  So we love to go and get some salads from there.   Usually Norris can get some grading done and it is a nice time that we can hang out.  Well today as we were walking up to the mall we noticed there were a lot more young teenagers then normal.  Now this is a place full of children so we just kind of thought there must be a holiday we missed!  When we finally waded through the groups of boys and finally made it to Costa we could barely even hear.  We decided to leave after dinner.......if we could just get the check!  Well we asked for the check and realized that they charged us for a different size drink than they gave us.  When we showed it to the waiter he could not understand what we were saying.  We even showed him the drinks we had to let him know.  Finally Norris took the guys pen and wrote it all down for him!!!!  He still did not get it so our waiter went to get a manager.  Now all they needed to do was take away 20 LE......
When the manager finally came he gave us an estimate us to how much we owed.  He just wanted us to pay 100LE and call it even....but we did not owe 100 LE.....  Norris was not about to pay 10-15 LE more than we needed to.  The manager said it was going to take a long time to get the bill back.  So Norris just looked at the manager and said.."Tell you what you have 5 minutes and then I am gone"  Miraculously we got the bill in about 10 seconds!!!!!  Norris does not freak out to often but this was just one of those moments........ to funny!!!!!!!!!!

As my friend says..Peace and Love from the Sandbox

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