Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thailand on the Islands

The next excursion we went on was to 7 different islands. Norris says that there are over 26,000 so we did not see that many but the ones we saw were amazing! They were just like what you would see in a magazine. The first island we went to was bamboo island, but Norris and I looked and we did not see any bamboo!!! But it was very sandy and just great views!!! Then we went to a couple of the Phi Phi islands. There is something like Phi Phi doone, and Phi Phi lake..... and many others. Then we went to Maya Beach which is where they filmed the movie "The Beach". It was really fun but there were a lot of people that day! Then we went snorkeling in this bay! It was really fun but the water was a little low and the fish were right on top of you. They were really pretty but not afraid of people at all! I did not like touching them it made me feel very weird. The coral was really near and bigger than I had ever seen before! (well really I had never seen any beacuse it was the first time I have ever snorkeled!) Then we took the boat out to the middle of the ocean and snorkeled there! IT WAS AWESOME! The water was a little deeper and you could just float over the top of everything. It was sooooooo cool! There were colors of fish I had never seen before! Next time we go we will splurge and get the underwater camera! This time we will just have to do our best to remember! That is o.k. it was so awesome I think I will remember!
Well after our day at sea we were ready for some chow so we went to this little BBQ buffett. it had a bunch of fish and chicken and every Thai thing you could want. While we were eating this group of people came in and sat at our table. They started talking and you could tell they were Americans. Since we have not heard that in a while Norris was interested in saying Hi! So we had a great talk with these people and asked them what they were doing in Thailand. They siad they had been there for 5 weeks and they were making/acting in a move. It is called "the lost medallion" You all have to go see it when it comes out! They were really nice and we swore we knew one of the guys and when we got home we looked up the movie and it was really fun to see them.
Well we really liked the honeymoon and we feel truley blessed that the Lord would allow us to have this experience! Next time we go we want to go to Chaing Mai to see the northern part of Thailand!

thought of the day: LOVE

Well it has been a great weekend! Norris and I were able to sing with our friends on Friday at our MEETING! It was amazing! It is so wonderful how HE shows himself! We have had the best time learning new songs that we did not know in the states. We have loved meeting new people to show us new things! That is the great thing about having a GROP of people from over 20 different countries!! HE is everywhere!!! It is awesome! We talked about washing feet and how it was such a show of love to HIS disciples! Even the disciple who betrayed HIM! What a symbol of love! HE knew before HE meet judas that is was going to happen. Yet HE was still willing to go through the pain just for me and you! WOW! Read John 13. We had it read at our wedding and I do not think I really understood it then. I am sure I do not really understand it now but maybe I do a little more! What a choice HE made to love us and die for us! What a choice we can make every day to not complain, lie, and gossip! I know it is hard and we may stumble but we can try and have a heart towards HIM. I think that he listens to our hearts even when we stumble. He knows our every move and loves us in spite of what we do. Even when we deny him three times he still loves us!! WOW! We love you HCC!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well Norris and I were finally able to convert our videos AND put them on line! It is very exciting! This is from our first couple of months in Egypt! We are glad that we can finally share them with our friends and family!

Kayaking down the River!

This is the beginning of our kayaking trip with the alligators! It was just beautiful!

Norris Feeding Klong!

This is Norris feeding our Elephant Klong! She was so much fun to ride on!!! We are feeding her little pieces of bamboo. She loved them very much! She would bow some times when she was really glad to have her snacks!

Norris Swimming!

This was Norris swimming in the hot springs after our 3 hour kayaking excursion! There was this rope that you could swing on that he and a couple other people were doing!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thailand Krabi (Elephants and Alligators!)

Well, the last couple of days we spent in Thailand were just as great as the first part. We went down to Krabi and spent a lot of time in the sun and on the beach. One day we went on this excursion we found and went because it said there was elephant trekking. All I wanted to do was ride an elephant. Well it also mentioned that there would be some canoeing and possibly swimming if there was time left. Well we thought that sounded great! I was not thrilled with the idea of canoeing but Norris really likes to do that so we were able to compromise and he could canoe and I could ride and elephant. Well we got picked up in the morning and taken to this other hotel and then picked up by our excursion guides. Well we drove for about 45 min. and got to this place in the middle of nowhere by this river. It was very pretty and just what you would see in something like the Amazon River. It was very neat! Well as we were sitting on the dock to get ready to go in the kayak some people looked over and said "is that an alligator?" Just like it was nothing! I was like "WHAT!?!" I am not good with water any way and then having alligators in it did not make it much easier! Well there was nothing I could do we had to get in the kayaks and go down the river! i was terrified! But, I got in and Norris did a good job of steering us the right way!
We were floating down for about 2 or 3 min. and I was just getting used to it when Nichole, one of our new friends we made, said,"Are there piranha's in this river?" Again "WHAT" Well our guide said "Why yes there are!" Oh dear I thought I was going to lose it but I knew I did not want to get out of the kayak! Well there was nothing I could do now so I just tried to calm down and take pictures! When we came to our first cave I thought again I was going to die but we make it through! I finally gained courage during the next caves to take some video and it was awesome! There was so much to video and take pictures of! I think that even though I was terrified it was one of the best parts of the trip! Well after the 3 hour kayaking we went swimming and the time was beginning to run out and we did not think we were going to get on our elephants! It became quite funny because when we asked the other people in our tout they said there were no elephants! "WHAT NO ELEPHANTS?" That make me very sad but after the swimming they dropped Norris and I off with the elephants and everyone else went back to their hotels! They missed out let me tell you!
Klong was the cutest elephant ever! Our guide was so funny and he jumped off of her and just started walking in front of us and going into the woods! Klong would stop and try to eat all the time and she would just stare at the dirt! We thought she was so cute! It was the best time ever! While our guide was in front of us and Norri tried saying all the commands the guide was giving here and she started going really fast! (Well fast for an elephant) It was so funny! We really enjoyed our time on that trip!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well we have not really had time to write about Thailand since we got back so get ready because here we go!!!

It was awesome! We fell in love with the whole country! They were wonderful people and it was just the greatest time ever! We spent our first couple days in Bangkok and we went to Khao San road where there is a lot of shopping and backpackers. It was neat to see all of the different things that Thailand sells compared to Cairo! The people were definitely not as pushy but they still caught your eye as you walked by! We bought so many things it was crazy! We just loved everything and plus it was our honeymoon! How do you not spend a lot on your honeymoon! Well after the time spent there we walked around and saw a lot of temples! There were temples everywhere you looked.

They had the biggest buddhas I had ever seen! And also so MASSIVE plastic chickens that you could buy and get shipped home!!! Kind of interesting! Anyway we also went on this boat cruise on the main river that runs through Bangkok and it was awesome! We started out on bus and went up to the old capital of Thailand. We got to see a bunch of ruins and experience a lot of the old culture. Then we took the boat down the river and got to see a lot of the city! For us it was the best way to see Bangkok in such a short amount of time! It was cool to see the Grand Palace and all the other great things along the river! Plus the food was amazing!

We found this lady who made the best egg rolls and noodles ever! I think we ate egg rolls everynight! No....if you were wondering they are not as good as aunt doys! Her's are still the best! Anyway we ate a lot of food and it was the best food ever! After my cooking anything would be great but this really was the best food ever! This was our first 3 days! We had a great time and we loved to see all of God's different creation! It is so great to see how different yet similar we all are! He is so amazing and creative! It is such a blessing that we have been able to visit so many of his people! They are all so wonderful and unique in thier own way!

It is great to serve such a great God that would give us the opportunity to travel! Such little joys that we do not desirve but he allows because he loves us so much!

Well tomorrow I will finish the rest of our Thailand trip! Tonight I am way to tired!!!


Well today at school Norris and I were talking about what we should for the second Easter we get in April. Many of our friends are going to Rome and Turkey and Tunisia. We were not sure what we were going to do. We thought that we need to stay here but I was getting sad that then next time we would travel it would be after Law School and that is 3 years away! I know that it is silly but I just love traveling and any time free makes me want to go and travel!!! Well needless to say I was a little sad and Norris and I had been talking about it for a while! Well today I was in Norris' room and he surprised me with tickets to Greece!!!! I can't believe it! He was trying to keep it a secret but it only lasted for about an hour!!
I was so excited I can't stop planning what we are going to do! We are only going to be there for 4 days but I am so excited!!! I think it will be a beautiful city and I can't wait to see it!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

10 weeks left!!

Well we have only 10 weeks until we are off to NYC! We are a little excited but also quite sad to leave this great place! It has been so awesome to see where God has brought us! We are trying to decide where we are going to travel for our last adventure while in Egypt. We are lucky that we get 2 Easter's. We get to celebrate the Coptic Easter and the protestant Easter! We want to travel for one of the holidays. If you have any advise we are open and willing to get advice!
These are our options:
1. Tunisia
2. Luxor
3. the pyramids again...
4. Greece...but $$$$$$

Anyway if you have an opinion we would love to hear it!
Well I am exhausted and I am not sure this blog really makes any sense so I am going to head to bed! To much running for the marathon!! Much Love to you all!!!

Ang and Nor

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some of our fun adventures of our time in Egypt! We love going to the pyramids and all over! It is a very different thought of beautiful! I never really thought dust and sand was beautiful but really it is quite amazing!

Our Life

Norris and I have been traveling for the last year all through Egypt, France, Thailand and soon Italy. We are teaching at the AIS school here in Egypt! It has been quite the experience. We have loved it and now we are looking forward to our new move to NYC. Norris is heading off to Law School and he is going to be a great lawyer! I can't wait to see what God has in store for him! If we can ever figure out how to put videos and pictures on this thing then we will share them! So luck! They just keep loading and loading for about 45 mins. but I can't wait beyond that! So.....I hope we can show you some of our adventures soon!