Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well we have not really had time to write about Thailand since we got back so get ready because here we go!!!

It was awesome! We fell in love with the whole country! They were wonderful people and it was just the greatest time ever! We spent our first couple days in Bangkok and we went to Khao San road where there is a lot of shopping and backpackers. It was neat to see all of the different things that Thailand sells compared to Cairo! The people were definitely not as pushy but they still caught your eye as you walked by! We bought so many things it was crazy! We just loved everything and plus it was our honeymoon! How do you not spend a lot on your honeymoon! Well after the time spent there we walked around and saw a lot of temples! There were temples everywhere you looked.

They had the biggest buddhas I had ever seen! And also so MASSIVE plastic chickens that you could buy and get shipped home!!! Kind of interesting! Anyway we also went on this boat cruise on the main river that runs through Bangkok and it was awesome! We started out on bus and went up to the old capital of Thailand. We got to see a bunch of ruins and experience a lot of the old culture. Then we took the boat down the river and got to see a lot of the city! For us it was the best way to see Bangkok in such a short amount of time! It was cool to see the Grand Palace and all the other great things along the river! Plus the food was amazing!

We found this lady who made the best egg rolls and noodles ever! I think we ate egg rolls everynight! No....if you were wondering they are not as good as aunt doys! Her's are still the best! Anyway we ate a lot of food and it was the best food ever! After my cooking anything would be great but this really was the best food ever! This was our first 3 days! We had a great time and we loved to see all of God's different creation! It is so great to see how different yet similar we all are! He is so amazing and creative! It is such a blessing that we have been able to visit so many of his people! They are all so wonderful and unique in thier own way!

It is great to serve such a great God that would give us the opportunity to travel! Such little joys that we do not desirve but he allows because he loves us so much!

Well tomorrow I will finish the rest of our Thailand trip! Tonight I am way to tired!!!

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