Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh the Hair!!

What do you do when your hair sticks straight up like daddy's????

 You eat some fruit snacks of course!!

Lets Go

Jovee was very excited that we were going to "go" so she decided she needed to get ready.  All she needed was a hat and one of mommy's shoes!!

She kept walking to the door saying "go, go".  I finally convinced her that before we "go" we should put on some clothes!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Planet Africa

Norris took Jovee and I on a date to Planet Africa.  It was so fun to see Jovee with the fish and Elephants!  She had never seen an aquarium and it was so cute to see her trying to play with the fish!  Lots of fun giggles.  It makes me very excited to take her to some fun places in the States!

 These fish were fun to look at and "play" with while eating dinner!

 We love "elphi's".  Elephants are her favorite right now.

 Trying to talk to the Monkeys

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cairo Jackson, C.J., Jack, Cjers, Cairo

Whatever you want to call him he is growing and kicking and making his mommas life fun already!!!! 

I have almost given up figuring out how old he is.  I know that I am not less than 28 weeks, but I can't be sure that I am not as far as 31 weeks....and that can be frustrating.  I just hope I make it to May so Norris will be home for the birth or home a few days after. 

So much of this pregnancy has been different from Jovee.  It is interesting to see that even in the womb they have different personalities.  He moves a lot, but I am not sure that he is moving as much as Jovee, so I am hopeful this will mean he will sleep!!!!!!!!

I have an ultrasound at every appointment but I don't have any good pictures of him except for the 3D ultrasound they did.  I hope I will get a good photo at my appointment in March in the States. 

Here he is anywhere between 28-31 weeks
Weight: 3.05 lbs (if they are accurate)
Still not head down

Friday, February 22, 2013

Molly's Back

We are so excited to have Molly back with us...  We missed her very much while she was away.  We are sad that we only have 3 weeks with her so we are spending as much time with her as we can!

Just holding hands while walking around the mall....  Oh my goodness they are so cute I can't stand it!  I think we are just going to need to take them all with us!!!!  Oh my heart!!

 We made a ramp to play with some toy cars!  It was quite fun!

A little video of them running to the beanbag!  This is a popular thing to do at our house...   ;-)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jovee's Version of Counting and Craziness

I know in most of my blogs I talk about each month as being the "most fun" month of all with Jovee.  Well this is not one of those.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE my baby girl and she amazes me every moment, but it has been a hard month.  21 months old and whinny and emotional and CRAZY!  It is not every moment of everyday.  But even if it is only 20 minutes out of the day, it is emotionally exhausting on this momma!  I am trying to teach her and make sure that she does not get away with spitting, biting, hitting, taking other peoples toys, not saying please and thank you, and just all the sweet little things that she does not know yet and she must be taught.  I feel like I can't really give an inch because with Jovee she would RUN with it!!! 

But then there are moments that you catch on video like this and you are reminded about why you work so hard and how fun it is to be a mommy!  I always tell Norris, I don't want to change her personality just use what she is and focus her!  She is sooooooo energetic and happy and beautiful and full of life and love and I hope that I can focus on those personality traits when she is struggling with something or being put in time out!  ;-)

It is a long video but I can't bring myself to crop it because it is just too funny!!!  ( I may be a little biased!)

(We must give credit to Molly for helping her count.  Her little friend has taught her so much.  Mommy has worked with her on it but there is just something about a child 3 months older doing it that makes her want to do it too!!!  ooh and she can now count 5-10 without encouragement....still not sure what has happened with 1-4!!!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bath Time

Just thought I would put up some cute photos of Jovee in the bath!  She has decided that she does not like that bath right now but I was able to get a couple of cute pictures, if I promised to show her the pictures that I took!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A New Adventure

This is a hard blog to write.  Deep down I knew this day would come, but I guess I was in denial about it. 

My amazing, talented, smart, sexy, loving, husband has been accepted into Law School at the University of Montana.  I am so proud of him and all his achievements to make this happen. 

The only down side is we are leaving Egypt.  
Like I said, deep down I knew this day would have to come, but now that it is here...ummm 

I feel so happy and blessed that we are NOT leaving Egypt because we are sick of it, or just can't stand being here.  We have a lot of friends that have left for that very reason, but we are leaving because we feel a calling somewhere else.  Growing up is tough!!  

Don't get me wrong I am soooooooo excited about our new adventure!  Snow, Mountains, Driving, Parks, Possible Dog (hint, hint NORRIS!!!), a chance to use wedding gifts, a new career, and many more adventures!!!!!

BUT... 5 years of friendships and roots are going to be tough to leave.  This is the longest we have ever lived in one place, still not one apartment..we have lived in 4 apartments in these 5 years, but that is typical Ham Style!  I can't even begin to express how much I am going to miss the friendships that I have made.  When there is such a small community of people that you can actually TALK to, you become instant friends.  And not just friends, but life long friends that know everything about you and you will have and cherish always!  

I am going to miss traveling around the world and seeing the wonderful sunsets in different countries.  Hopefully this will only be at a stand still for 3 years, then when Norris is done with Law School we will be seeing more of God's Creation! (since he is going into International Law, hopefully we will live internationally again!!!!) 

I am going to miss Otlob!  Oh you chuckle, but it is such a lifesaver when you just don't have the ingredients to make dinner, or the energy to make dinner!  ;-)   

I am going to miss constantly being with my hubby!  I think that has been one of the best aspects of living here in Cairo.  Norris and I are ALWAYS together.  We take the bus to work together, we worked in the Middle School together, we went to church together, hung out with our friends together, went grocery shopping together, and had date nights together!  I LOVE IT!  I am going to miss it!

I am going to miss our Church!  HCC you have been such a blessing to our little family!  Norris and I have grown in so many ways because of the influence of HCC in our lives.  

I will move on to all the things I am happy for and excited about at a later, but for now I will remember all the moments I am going to miss...

Oh Cairo you will always have a piece of my heart and I will miss you so...