Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cairo Jackson, C.J., Jack, Cjers, Cairo

Whatever you want to call him he is growing and kicking and making his mommas life fun already!!!! 

I have almost given up figuring out how old he is.  I know that I am not less than 28 weeks, but I can't be sure that I am not as far as 31 weeks....and that can be frustrating.  I just hope I make it to May so Norris will be home for the birth or home a few days after. 

So much of this pregnancy has been different from Jovee.  It is interesting to see that even in the womb they have different personalities.  He moves a lot, but I am not sure that he is moving as much as Jovee, so I am hopeful this will mean he will sleep!!!!!!!!

I have an ultrasound at every appointment but I don't have any good pictures of him except for the 3D ultrasound they did.  I hope I will get a good photo at my appointment in March in the States. 

Here he is anywhere between 28-31 weeks
Weight: 3.05 lbs (if they are accurate)
Still not head down

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