Thursday, December 8, 2011

Uncle Timmy

Jovee LOVES her Uncle Tim.  We feel so blessed to have family over here in Egypt.  It is great that Jovee can get close to her Aunt and Uncle.  I wish they were all over here but I guess two out of six is not that bad!!!

These are some of my favorite pictures of Jovee with her Uncle!!!

Bath Time Changes!

Bath time has changed at the Ham household.  It makes me very sad.  Bath time was and is my favorite part of the day.  Jovee loves the water and splashing around.  When she was younger we laid her on a sponge and she would kick her little feet as fast as they could go.  My heart still gets a little smile when I think about it.  But she is getting older and things are changing.  Now she has a big girl chair to sit in.  I never understood why people would spend the money on one of these chairs until Jovee started crawling and standing up to everything.  When we were in the bath she would try to stand up to the faucet or to the side of the tub.  This stared making our normal bath time of 30 minutes about 5!!!!!  Also it was making Momma go crazy.  I was constantly sitting her back down and she did not want to sit down and she was very slippery so you can just imagine how much fun it was becoming!  So about two weeks ago I realized why people spent their money on these GLORIOUS bath seats!  And Jovee loves it!!!

She enjoys playing with all the little toys on her seat.  The blue turttle is her favorite.  It splashes you when you push it down!

 This is a new face that we have just started to see in the last couple days.  She scrunches up her nose and then blows out!  It is so funny!  We think that she may have picked this up from her friend Molly, but it is so cute!


 I know this one is blurry but I just love her face!!!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If You're Happy and You Know It

Jovee's newest adventure is clapping!  It is so cute because she really does not know what she is doing but she gets VERY excited and waves her hands out of control and then suddenly they started making noise, and she has been hooked ever since!  The other day I was singing with her and she started clapping in all the right places so Norris decided to take some video.  I think the cutest part in the video is when Norris whispers very excitedly "Do it again". 

Enjoy Jovee's rendition of "If you're happy and you know it"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

All About DADA

This video is all about Jovee and her daddy!!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Norris and I feel so blessed that we have wonderful family here and also Egyptian family here to celebrate Thanksgiving together.  As Norris says I always say I want to do something "small and easy" and when it comes to the event it never is small or easy! 

 Jovee was helping me out looking at all the recipes....
She got a little too excited and got stuck under the chair!

My first pumpikn pies.  I do not like the normal crust so I did a graham cracker crust.  But we can't find graham cracker so I used Digestive Cookies!!  Yum!

And of course we had to have Spinach Artichoke Dip


 Karen and I made a turkey from my Cheese Ball!!!!!

Some of the food that we had....oh it was soooooo good!!!!

 Norris gave an awesome speech from George Washington about what Thanksgiving was all about!  It was a very neat speech and it was a great to start off the night! 


Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 25, 2011


Our new favorite game to play around the house is chase the bottle.  Jovee does not like her toys of course....she would much rather have the water bottles!!!  Now that she is becoming more mobile the game is more fun...  We can make her chase the bottle and we get enjoyment out of it and so does she!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Norris make the claim that if Jovee cannot say "Halloween" then we do not need to get her a costume!  I agreed with him this year because she really has no idea what is going on.  Plus there is no place to go Trick or Treating here so it is all a moot point anyway!  So since Norris did not want to buy anything I looked around the house and decided that Jovee should be a Bethel student!  We had the hat lying around and it seemed like a fun idea!  So here is Jovee as a Bethel Student!

 This is Jovee's "Security Blanket"

                                 She just finished her finals!


Friday, November 11, 2011

For the Courliss and Corradi Girls!

The other day when Norris and I were on our date I came across an amazing deal!  20 Hair bows for about $5!!!!!!  AMAZING!  I just looked at Norris and he knew it was over!  We bought them Jovee has hairbows for every color dress, shirt, pants, any outfit you can imagine.

 This dress is from Grandma Courliss...                                                             Jovee loves it!

                                                 And these are all her new hairbows!!!!

As you can see she loves them!  And so does her mommy!!!  It was tough to get Norris to buy them but when we heard that they were like $5 he was much more lenient....and I also heard him say that he does think she looks very cute in them!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All About Grandpa!

This video is for Grandpa Ham from Jovee!!!!!!!


Jovee loves all of her toys....whether they are small, big, soft, hard, or not intended to be toys she loves them all the same.   

 I love the look that she gets on her face of complete concentration!  She is such a cutie. 

I also find it quite amusing when she decides that she is going to eat a toy.  She does not hold back, she will try to stick as much of the toy in her mouth as she can!!!!!

 She also likes to talk to her toys.  I always wonder what she is saying and what goes on in her mind but I guess I will never know!