Friday, November 11, 2011

For the Courliss and Corradi Girls!

The other day when Norris and I were on our date I came across an amazing deal!  20 Hair bows for about $5!!!!!!  AMAZING!  I just looked at Norris and he knew it was over!  We bought them Jovee has hairbows for every color dress, shirt, pants, any outfit you can imagine.

 This dress is from Grandma Courliss...                                                             Jovee loves it!

                                                 And these are all her new hairbows!!!!

As you can see she loves them!  And so does her mommy!!!  It was tough to get Norris to buy them but when we heard that they were like $5 he was much more lenient....and I also heard him say that he does think she looks very cute in them!!!!


  1. This is Meghann. How CUTE!! I am requesting that you do a fashion show with a picture in each bow. How FUN!!!! It would be the cutest album ever :)

  2. We need this deals here! Maybe when we come visit we can go there and get eden all those headbands for 5 bucks! Ahhhh! Cant wait!