Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 12

We made it to Missoula and then it was time to unpack!!!!!

 Mommy and daddy were clearly exhausted after a long day of travel!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 11- Flights to Missoula

We were on our flights to Missoula during the 6:30 hour so we had to try to snap a picture on the plane.  
Norris is not looking at me because he is trying not to move to keep CJ asleep.  (And not the TV screen did not show movies, and would NOT turn off.  So there was an annoying bright blue screen for 3 hours in our face!!)

I was not going to bother Jovee either and let her play with her i-pad, we wanted to keep the peace!

Day 10- Hanging with the Masterson's

On our way back to Missoula we stopped to see Uncle Justin, Aunt Meryl and best of all Cousin Eden!  I love how much Jovee and Eden love each other.  They play so well together for two almost 3 years olds!

It's hard to get a good photo of this many people!  But you get the point!!

Day 9- PJ Day

Well it was the last day before we started our second attempt back to Missoula!  We had a lot to do around Grandma and Grandpa's house and so we never even got out of our Jammies!!

Sorry this first photo is blurry but I love how Jovee and CJ and talking to each other!

( I am having a lot of fun taking family photos every night!  :-)  )

Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 8- Football Day

We were kind of all over the place on Sunday.  Norris was trying to watch some football, and was getting frustrated at me taking the photo!  We ran to the Mall with Grandma, and the kiddos really liked the way they looked, Jovee wanted to help Grandma and Grandpa practice one of their choir pieces.  Then Jovee wanted a photo of her eating her dinner!!

All in all, it was a great day!

Day 7

This was a special night!  Since we were stuck in Mishawaka for an extra week, we were around for the Bethel College Music Faculty dinner at the Ham's house.  We got to enjoy them singing some of their favorite Hymns and it was lovely.  They also sang "Jesus Loves Me" to Jovee, she loved it!

 CJ was getting tired so we enjoyed the music from the bedroom!

Here is a little video of Jovee enjoying "Jesus Loves Me"

Friday, January 10, 2014

iphone Pictures

So I had taken some Christmas pictures on my phone and added them to my computer, but it also added a bunch of pictures I had forgotten about all the back to before Thanksgiving!!

I love looking at them, because when you have small kids you can really see how much they have grown in just a few weeks.  Today I was telling Norris how small CJ seemed to me, but when I see these pictures I realize how much he has grown. 

 Playing in the leaves with Jovee in October!  She LOVED to run through the leaves on our nightly walks!

 Playing at the park with CJ!  He loved the swings!

 Checking out the deer!

 Fun Family Photos!!  And yes CJ is about the pull Jovee's hair!

 Me and my sweet kiddos!!!!

Day 6- Date Night!!

Tonight was a great night to take a picture at 6:30!  Norris and I went on a date, before we head back to Missoula and can't afford a babysitter!!

The kids were having dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Ham tonight!!

Mommy and daddy were having a date night at Starbucks planning our future, that always changes by the time we walk out the door!!    :-)  
 (These are probably some of my favorite moments with Norris!!!)

Day 5

Well this night was a little more work than others, but having the grandparents around makes it a little easier!

Jovee and daddy were running around the house before bath time!  Jovee is obsessed with her bath's right now and as SOON as dinner is over she wants to take a bath.  So she needs some distraction!
 You can't tell in this photo, but CJ is not super happy!  He was tired and if he was not being completely entertained he was going to LOSE it!!!!  Good thing Grandma was there to help him!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 4

We got to hang out with Papa tonight while daddy was hanging out with friends and Nana was at church choir....

This is what we were doing at 6:30/7 tonight...
Daddy got to hang out with some of his dear friends tonight

Mommy gave CJ a bath
He loves to roll over and play with all Jovee's toys in the bath!!

Jovee was crying because she knew she was going to fall into the "big" potty so she was hanging on for dear life!!!

Day 3

Well yesterday did not go as planned.  We were supposed to be in our warm cozy beds in "warm" Missoula by 5 pm, but instead we hung out at the airport until we had officially missed all our connecting flights.  But on the good side, we were stuck in South Bend with our family, so we are able to have a little more time together.

Jovee and Nana hanging out during bath time...

So funny story....This is literally what was happening at 6:45.  CJ was trying to climb all over daddy, because he will NOT sit still anymore.  As I snapped the picture he pulled my hair, hence the crazy photo!  So I said, "Norris we need to take a better picture!"  But I forgot...that is not the point!!!! 
 So this is the "posed" photo...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 2

Well today was a fun day!  Everyone was in the kitchen making cookies!  I am sure that reality will hit tomorrow as we travel back to Missoula and start life without both Nanas and Papas!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Idea

So I am not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions, but this year something really stuck out to me that I wanted to try. 

I have heard often  "you have such a happy family", "I love your pictures on Facebook, you look so happy and put together!"  

Yes, most of the days I feel very happy and blessed with the wonderful life the Lord has blessed me with, but guess what?  

I do not take pictures of Jovee throwing temper-tantrums, or when CJ won't sleep and just cries in my arms at 2 in the morning, or when Norris and I have a disagreement and I feel like throwing the remote control!!!! 

Those moments come and go, but I am not stopping to take a picture.  

I have taken a 2 week break from Facebook, not because I really wanted to, but because we were visiting family.  And it has been nice.  Even though I am sooooooo happy with my life, it is still hard to not compare with other people on facebook, when their life seems perfect!  

So Norris and I have decided that for our New Year's Resolution, we are going to take a picture at 6:30/7 pm every night.  No matter what is going on.  Whether we are eating dinner peacefully while watching Wheel of Fortune, or our house is a mess and dinner is far from being ready and the kiddos are getting cranky!!

Plus  I think it will be fun to have a photo blog of the year, good and bad!!!

Here is the first one!

Today was a great day!  CJ was clean from a bath, Daddy was doing the dishes and Jovee was taking a bath with Nana!!!