Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 3

Well yesterday did not go as planned.  We were supposed to be in our warm cozy beds in "warm" Missoula by 5 pm, but instead we hung out at the airport until we had officially missed all our connecting flights.  But on the good side, we were stuck in South Bend with our family, so we are able to have a little more time together.

Jovee and Nana hanging out during bath time...

So funny story....This is literally what was happening at 6:45.  CJ was trying to climb all over daddy, because he will NOT sit still anymore.  As I snapped the picture he pulled my hair, hence the crazy photo!  So I said, "Norris we need to take a better picture!"  But I forgot...that is not the point!!!! 
 So this is the "posed" photo...

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