Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yep my daughter is almost 2 and we still "paint" with water!  We have not quite gotten to the point that I can let her paint with real paint and have it be a success.  We did a couple of Christmas presents for the Grandparents but that has been it!  
It really is a great task though.  We have glass on our kitchen table and so she just washes the table for me while she paints!  It is fantastic.  

But here is the real reason that we do NOT paint with real paint...



Jovee was given an Elephant backpack for Christmas from her Nana and Papa Courliss.  She loves it.  It is going to be great to travel with when I have to fly by myself from Cairo to Detroit.  I decided that she needed to start wearing it instead of just holding it.  I thought she was not going to like the fact that she could not see and hold "Elphi".  We tried it on....and she loved it!!!  Hopefully it will make going through customs and walking through the Paris airport a little easier on this Preggo mom!!
   But I have to say she looks a little to old with a backpack on!!!  My sweet little baby is growing up!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

There's a Baby in There

Well I am currently 24 weeks Pregnant!  Time sure is flying by.  Seems to be going much faster than with Jovee.  Probably because I know what to expect and so I am not quite as concerned, still a little concerned but not as much!  

I must say he is a little cutie!  I love that he was looking at us today in our appointment!

 We did not do a 3D ultrasound with Jovee because we did not want to know if we were having a boy or girl, but this time we were able to have one.  It was AMAZING!!!  What an incredible thing to see our baby move and cuddle.  Yes it is a baby in there!!!!!!!  Norris thinks that he looks like me.  It is funny because you can tell that his face does look different than Jovee.  His face is long and Jovee's face was more round!  I love it!!!  Can't wait to see him in like 16 weeks!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"She's a Great Momma!"

So i was feeling pretty tired the other day and was apologizing for not having picked up the house by the time Norris got home, so Jovee and daddy decided to do a dance for me to make me feel better!

It worked!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Normal Life

Some times dinner prep time is disastrous.  Jovee is a morning person and we generally have great mornings but the hours between nap time and bed time can be atrocious at times!!!  Not everyday but quite often Jovee wants to be held the entire time from nap time to bed time, it is like she can't fully wake up!!  So I have been trying some new things to get us through this time, and still allowing me to get dinner cooked!

I started moving her chair into the kitchen so I can get work done and she can have a little snack and see everything I am doing. 

Only problem is that I put her chair a little close to the drawer!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013


Jovee was given play-dough from her Egypt family, the Dempseys!!!  She LOVES it!    We played with it today for about 2 hours!!!  She calls it "pay-dough" which I find quite adorable!!  This is the first time that Jovee has really been allowed to play with play-dough.  I know, I am a mean mommy, but Jovee is a "mouther" and would just stick it straight into her month without even thinking!!  I had let her play with bread-dough before but, today we were able to take the step to try the real thing!!

And I must say it was quite a success!!!

Here is a little one minute video of the fun she was having!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Family Hat Fun

The other day it was chilly in Cairo and what better way is there to get warm....


Family Fun Photos...In Hats!!!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shirley Temple or Jovee Marie???

I love my little girls hair.  While I was pregnant with Jovee I prayed that our baby would have daddy's hair.  Oh and did the Lord answer that prayer!!!! 

The other day it was extra curly so I thought I would snap some pictures to show how much it is growing.  It does not look long but when it is pulled out she really does have quite long hair, it just all curls in and out, not down!!! 

(Disclaimer: The photos are not that great but the idea is there!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Daddy's do best!

What is it that daddy's do best???

Hold all his daughter's stuffed animals while she reads to them.


Honestly though, one thing Jovee is very blessed to have is a hands on dad.  Sure some of the time is spent watching "shotball" (football) together and doing "push-ups" next to each other, but he is there and always willing to chase her and throw her on the couch!!  I must say, it never gets old to hear my daughters peals of laughter as her daddy tickles her, tosses her and chases her.  It is music to my ears.  I am so thrilled to have that all multiplied next year!!!  :-)