Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 months

Jovee is 5 months old.  Norris and I think this is the best stage.  I would like to bottle her up and keep her at this age.  Although I am looking forward to the next phase this has been a joy.  Just thought we would give you a little insight into

"What Makes Jovee"
  1. Smile: I think it looks like her daddy's.  Especially when she sticks her tongue out! 
  2. Ability to Laugh and Cry at the same time: All MOM
  3. Determination: She has a very determined personality that is just like her daddy
  4. Naps:  She loves her nap time..that is from both mom and dad
  5. Eating:  As you  may notice our child is not lacking in the food department.  I think that is both mom and dad
  6. Bath time:  SHE LOVES BATH TIME.  That is mom.  
  7.  Pictures: That is dad.  She does not like to get her picture taken.  I think she is trying to figure out what the weird growth is on my face!
  8. Excessive Slobber: Totally Dad
  9. Singing:  She loves to sing to praise and worship music while dad plays the Mom
  10. Cairo Walks: That is like mom and dad

      Sunday, September 25, 2011

      Is she smart like Cody or Kelsey?

      So the other day when Norris was playing with Jovee we decided to throw her burp clothe over her head and see how she responded.  Because you know what they say, if a dog is smart they will try to get out from under the blanket and if they are not so smart they will just lay with the blanket over them.
      So we thought we would try this out on Jovee to see what kind of a response we would get....
      The results are varied

      Test Number 1:
      Test number 2 had quite different results:

      Saturday, September 24, 2011

      When did that happen??????

      So on Thursday, my day off, I was getting some things done around the house.  I put Jovee under her little toy arch and did the dishes and was cleaning the kitchen.  When I came out to check on her she was on the other side of the room!!!  WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN???  She can not crawl yet but she managed to scoot herself across the room!  I guess I am going to need to keep my eye on this girl!!!

      Don't mind the massive amount of drool on her chin and the bit that drops on the floor!!!  Just makes her so much more kissable ;-)

      Good Morning

      I think that the best time with Jovee is in the morning!!!  When she smiles I just melt!!!  I love her little smiles!!!  She is soooooo cute!!!!!  She looks just like her daddy!!  LOVE IT!

      Thursday, September 22, 2011

      Rice Cereal...YUM

      Jovee has loved the world of rice cereal.  It is always very exciting when we put her in her chair to eat.  She is just like her mommy...she always says yum before it even gets to her mouth. 

       Now we just have to work on her not helping me with the spoon!  It tends to make more of a mess when she tries to help!


       Oh one more little obstacle....her HANDS!!!  She can't tell which one she likes more her hands or the food!!!!  LOVE HER!

      Wednesday, September 21, 2011

      These are a few of my Favorite drinks...

      Jovee has found a whole new world of drinks.  She loves it when we have a glass of something to drink.  It really does not matter what it is as long as she can suck on the outside she is good!

      We first became aware of this new quirk during one of our many afternoon visits to Starbucks!

       We were hoping not to get her addicted to early but I feel it is already to late......
      We knew that it was here to stay when Daddy got out his soda and the yells began...

      You know she is her daddy's daughter!

                            It has now grown so that she is grabbing the glass even when we are drinking from it!

      But don't worry she is not just drinking things with caffeine!!!!  We are teaching her healthy habits too!

      Monday, September 19, 2011

      Busy Time

      Well I have not posted a blog in a while.  It has been quite busy around the Ham household.  We are back to school and trying to adjust to a brand new schedule.  Jovee seems to be doing better than mommy.  I believe that is how it always works.
      Just because we have not blogged in a while does not mean we have not been having some fun! 

      This was the boys very technical way of measuring the girls!

       Visiting Daddy's Classroom at school
       Helping daddy hang some pictures on the wall
       Meeting new freinds
       Reading stories with Mom

      Finding our toes and our knees

       Playing with anything and everything that is NOT a toy
       Happy Baby Shower Jovee
       Just mom trying to be artsy
       Showing daddy how to spend his money!

      Monday, September 5, 2011

      New Camera

      MY AWESOME Aunt and Uncle bought us a new flip camera!!!  So I put together a little video of Jovee in her bouncy seat!  Enjoy!!!!!!!

      Thursday, September 1, 2011

      Love Language

      So Jovee has a new language that she speaks to me.  I am not quite sure what she is saying but I am sure it means... "Mom you are the best"