Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 months

Jovee is 5 months old.  Norris and I think this is the best stage.  I would like to bottle her up and keep her at this age.  Although I am looking forward to the next phase this has been a joy.  Just thought we would give you a little insight into

"What Makes Jovee"
  1. Smile: I think it looks like her daddy's.  Especially when she sticks her tongue out! 
  2. Ability to Laugh and Cry at the same time: All MOM
  3. Determination: She has a very determined personality that is just like her daddy
  4. Naps:  She loves her nap time..that is from both mom and dad
  5. Eating:  As you  may notice our child is not lacking in the food department.  I think that is both mom and dad
  6. Bath time:  SHE LOVES BATH TIME.  That is mom.  
  7.  Pictures: That is dad.  She does not like to get her picture taken.  I think she is trying to figure out what the weird growth is on my face!
  8. Excessive Slobber: Totally Dad
  9. Singing:  She loves to sing to praise and worship music while dad plays the Mom
  10. Cairo Walks: That is like mom and dad

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