Friday, October 7, 2011

29 wonderful years!

Norris had his 29th birthday a few days ago.  We had a great time with friends and family to celebrate his special day.  I love birthday's.  Especially when it is someone that I love so much.  I feel so blessed to have spent the last 10 birthday's with Norris!  He is such a blessing in my life and I love him so much!

 Jovee and Molly both really love hanging out with Norris.
We of course Love hanging out with Aunt Karen,

 and Uncle Tim.  It is so nice to have family so close!  And to have that family in Cairo!  What a blessing!
We had a surprise for Norris on Friday.  I did not have 29 candles so I tried to make a 2 and a 9.  It did not quite turn out but he got the point!

 I took this idea from Allison.  She did this a couple of years ago and I thought it was awesome.  I created a story for Norris and used the candy as words for the story.  The only problem is I am eating all the chocolate Kisses!!!!!

"In a "galaxy" far, far away there lived a man named Norris that had a birthday.  His wife was a "flake" and his daughter a "nut".  He was "extra" special to them.  He was a big "hit" and brought them lots of "joy".  They gave him lots of "Kisses" on his special day.  He was the "star" of their eyes.  There is only one more thing to say and that is the "classic" happy birthday!"

Jovee was helping daddy read his card from her.  Just in case he could not read it!

                                                            Happy Birthday daddy!!!

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