Saturday, May 30, 2009

Taxi Cabs

Well it is official! Norris and I finally got in our first car accident! It was not fun but we were all able to walk away! That is such a great blessing! We were luckily not in a normal cab, that would have been very bad. We were in a van heading to see some pyramids we had not seen yet! The driver slammed on his breaks when he saw the guy in front of us stopping and he tried to stop and then the people behind us did not stop and there you have it! What is really funny is all the people got out of their cars "Said"/ "Yelled" what was on their minds and then when they all knew everyone was fine they all got in their cars and drove away! We I think got the worst of it, we lost some of our bumper but we were so glad that every one was fine!! It is scary here because there are some crazy drivers.
Like my friend and I were coming back from another friends house and we hopped in a cab and he stopped to get some water. Random!!! But whatever you get a little used to it! Well he put his parking break on and that did nothing! I looked over and Emily and was like, "ummm I think the car is moving" and he was definitely not in the car anymore! When he saw the car moving he came back and just moved the wheel so that when we hit the curb we would stop!!!!!!!!!! That was hilarious! And then you know there are just the people that fly about 120 miles an hour just because they can!!! Needless to say you need to just give up worrying about your life when you are in a cab!!!! You get a lot closer to the Lord during thoes times that is for sure!!!!
Anyway we just got a little bump and our necks are a little sore but we are very blessed that that was all that happened! Many times the accidents here are bad. It is sad to see the cars and to hear about the accidents so we are very glad our car accident was not that bad!!!
Just learning how to let go and Let God!!!! He knows all things and he has control of all this and nothing surprises him!! WOW What a great thought, I am glad I do not have to worry!! It is a very freeing feeling!!!!
"He is good all the time, all the time He is good!!!!"

Monday, May 25, 2009

Girls Night

I think it is great that no matter where the Lord puts you he always surrounds you with people that love him. Tonight I get to hang out with some of my friends and I was just thinking how great it is that the Lord even allows me to have these friends. I know I will be leaving soon and my not see them again but I know that they have changed my life. They have helped me to grow and the cry and to laugh..and to watch a LOT of Jane Austen movies!!!!!! I know that I will always be able to call them or write them and they will be there for me with words of encouragement, or scripture to help build me up or to celebrate with me over little things!!

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow"

These are just 5 of the reasons we needed to come to Egypt this year!! I know that is a selfish reason to look at what we needed to get out of this year but what a blessing!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Khan

One of our favorite places to visit here in Egypt is the Khan il Khalili. It is a great place where you can bargain and get great Egyptian things. It really is like Aladdin. People are all around you saying "How much do you want", "pretty scarf for a pretty girl", "do you want me to take your money?", and many others!! It is always fun to go and try to bargain with the people. It is so great! People scream out to get your attention and it is fun to see how many countries people will think you are from. The best one I got was Chinese! I am not sure that I look anything like a Chinese person but hey I will take the complement!! If you are ever in Egypt you must go and visit!! It is one of the most fun places you could people watch in the world!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Well sadly we only have 4 more weeks left here on this great adventure! It is funny how the Lord brings you to a place kicking and screaming and then changes your heart so that you never want to leave!!! I will be sad to leave but we are excited for Norris to start the next phase in our lives! I know that he is very excited to not be teaching any more and to start the next phase of his life that he thinks the Lord is taking us!! It will be great! It will be hard to adjust back to life in the states but I know that it will just be for these three years and then we will be on to other adventures! Babies, new countries and new careers!! The next four weeks will be jam packed with exciting adventures and sad goodbyes! What a joy it has been to meet all these wonderful people! They are so loving!!! We love them all and hope to be back next summer!!!! En Sha Ahla!!!!!!( if the Lord wills it!!)

Now onto finding an apartment, getting phones, setting up internet, buying a couch and bed, getting books and pencils and paper for school......and the list goes on!!! What a busy time we will have in August!! But we will just follow the Lord and he will always lead us!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I find it funny that our human reaction when we get busy is to steer away from reading our Bible and talking to God. At least for me anyway! How funny that when we feel so over whelmed with things we tend to step away instead of stepping closer!!! BUT the minute you take a moment and read your Bible and talk to him everything seems to work out! NO it does not go away by any means but he seems to make it that much more manageable! It is so great that he can take everything away from us and make us search for him. He had to put me in Cairo with no friends, family Television....yes I am blessed that he has given me Norris for I am not sure what I would do with out him, but he took everything else away..... It is always when I want to talk to my family and friends that they are not there or it is to early in the morning or our Internet is not working and the only one left is him!!! Isn't that great!!! He is there...he should not be the last one I look for to talk to but the FIRST!! Why did it take Cairo for me to get that!! I guess I am just slow and HUMAN!!! With only 7 weeks left I hope I can learn everything he wants to teach me while I am here! This has been the best 9 months of my life and I never want to go back to who I was before! I love my friends and family but I finally get what he says in Matt, Mark, and Luke....He is my family! He is all I need! That is scary because even as I write it I think would I have what it takes to REALLY give that all up! I am not sure I would but he would provide the strength if I needed it!!
Even while he teaches us little lessons ( and big ones) he still blesses us. He brings us down to a place you never want to be and then he gives you everything you need plus a thousand, million, trillion!!!! He is so wonderful and gracious.

From one of my favorite new songs.....
"The Lord is Gracious and Compassionate. Slow to anger and rich in Love. He is good to all, He has compassion on all that he has made. As far as the east is from the west, that's how far he has removed our transgressions from us. Praise the Lord oh my soul praise the Lord."

Random thought of the day!!!!