Monday, June 25, 2012

Kids Park

There is an area at the Mall in Heliopolis that has a little kids play area!  Jovee likes to play on all the stuff but we have to make sure to get there early before the big kids come and start pushing Jovee around.  We spent the morning there with Molly the other day...

 Jovee liked rocking on the rocking chair!  A true Courliss!!
 Then she decided that the slide would be pretty fun!

 And of course our social little girl had to meet all the other kids!

 Exploring the different tunnels!

 Trying out the big slide!!!

 Swinging with Momma!!!

 A video of Jovee sliding the right way and then her own fun way!!!

Father's Day

Jovee and I had fun preparing for Father's Day!  Since Jovee has the best daddy ever we tired to make his day extra fun!

We made him a pizza shaped as a neck-tie....

 Jovee made him two cards....
 Not sure if you can tell but it is a shirt card....

 The next was a card of Jovee's hands that on the front said "I Love You..." and when you stretched it open is said.."This Much!"
 Jovee was trying to show daddy how much she loved him!

 We are a blessed little family!  What a wonderful father Jovee has.  I could go on and on and on about the awesome things that Norris does on a daily basis to be a wonderful father but there is not room on this blog!  So we will just say thanks and "We love you daddy!"

Jovee and her momma!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday Fun

I know Jovee is about to turn 14 months but I wanted to share this video we took while we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jovee.  It was such a privilege to have family here for her first birthday!!! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Typical Saturday

So usually on Saturday's Norris and I take sweet Jovee to this place called the "Tivoli Dome".  It is fantastic.  It consists of several coffee cafes and restaurants, and on Saturday morning no one in Egypt is awake yet so we usually have the place to ourselves.  Jovee can then run around the dome, it is a big circle, and mom can get some Starbucks!  So it works out well for all!!  We have to do this early in the morning because it gets to hot otherwise.  Jovee has been sleeping until about 9 so it makes our early Tivoli runs a little harder.  This morning we went at 9:30 and it was already 100 degrees outside!!!!  Our morning walks might need to turn into evening walks this summer!!!!


New Things

Well it has been awhile.  We only have 1 more weeks of school left.  That's right STILL 1 MORE WEEKS!  Not sure I am going to make it!!!!  I am getting so excited for "summer"...I guess the rest of my recent future life will be "summer", and oh I can't wait.  I have been looking on pinterest to get ideas of what to do with Jovee while we are home all day without daddy....  I found some great ideas, and we have been regimenting during the evenings this week.

First we put away all her toys and found random things around the house and put them in a big box.  she has been pulling them out and playing with them going on 2 days now.  She did not even miss her old toys....except for her music box.  She loves her music box!


Next we "played at a freinds pool"....more liked screamed at a friends pool!  We found out that Jovee does not like pools...this was shocking to as because Jovee will sit in the bath tub for hours!  Jovee has a seat in the tub because she is very active and I did not want her trying to get out of the tub when she was younger.... well that seems to have backfired a bit because she has become dependant on the seat!  2 nights ago we tried without the seat and she screamed her head off until I put her back in.  But last night she did great as long as she could touch the seat she did not need to be in the seat!  Silly Jovee...

Jovee did love playing with homemade play dough...really it was pretzel dough that did not rise so Jovee got to play with it.  She loved it.  She enjoyed poking it with her finger and trying to stretch it out!  It was fun to see her trying to figure out what this funny stuff was!

More ideas we are looking forward to trying when Mommy has more time...

painting...using water instead of paint so if they miss the paper it really does not matter and I can teach her without getting angry!!
Dancing Jovee loves to it might be time to add some fabric to her dance moves and see how she does!

Here is a place that you can get a bunch more ideas!  Some of these are a little to old for Jovee right now but they won't be for long!