Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cousin Love

Jovee has been able to spend some good time with her sweet cousin Eden.  Eden is 3 months, to the day, older than Jovee and Jovee can't get enough of her.  When Eden walks out of the room Jovee has to go find her!  Too cute.  

Out of the 150 photos I have taken so far, these are some favorites...with more to follow!!!!!

We went to the mall today to see the Easter Bunny.  But he was not opened yet so the girls drove a car for a bit!

YAY!!!  Jovee Loves the Easter bunny!!  It was soooo much fun and the lady took a GREAT picture of the girls!!

The girls were dancing with Elmo and Mickey!  

Trying on some shades in preparation for summer!

Jovee was not stealing Edens glasses...she was helping her put them on!  ;-)

 And what cousin time would would be complete if there was not cooking involved!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Roller Coaster

Jovee loves Eden's little Roller Coaster...  She does not like, however, actually riding on the Roller Coaster, she wants to lay on it, run on it, or put cars down it!!  

Also, don't you love as a mother taking video that you then have NO idea why you took it.  I found this video from a few days ago, no idea why I took it but I think she is a cutie!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Jovee, CJ, Mommy Photo Shoot

My mom took some pictures of Jovee and I today.  She was not wanting to take pictures, she just wanted to play, but we were still able to get some fun pictures.  

The next few belly pictures are my favorite!

Her little hat makes her seem so old!!

Jovee was getting a little tired during these pictures, but they are still very sweet!