Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our trip on the Plane!

Jovee was a trooper!!!!  She did a great job on the 16 hours of travel!  I could not have been more proud of her!!  I thought when we left daddy at the airport it was going to be rough, as Jovee was crying, but she did just great!

 She tried to listen to the movies with her headphones.  They were too big so she ended up just watching the movies without any sound!  But it worked!

 She slept on the first flight to Paris for about an hour and a half!  So happy that she was tired enough to sleep!  It made the trip a little shorter!

 On the way to Detroit she did not sleep at all until about 45 minutes left on the flight!   She played with the ipad most of the trip or she walked along the plane and talked to all the sleeping people!!  Too funny! 

I did not take photos of the landing in Detroit.  Poor sweet Jovee had a little motion sickness and threw up several times as we were landing.  I think because she was sleeping during the decent and she was sooooo tired and she really did not have a ton of stuff to eat during the day, she just got a little sick.  She was such a trooper though once we landed and had to get all cleaned up.  Then when we saw the grandparents all was well again!!!!!

 Once we landed in Detroit we went to the mall and hung out with her grandparents!  I thought it was so cute to see all her grandparents following her around the play area!  I think the other families thought we were a little funny!!

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