Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The "Golden" Years

Over the last few months our life has gone through a few changes.  It all began in December and is finally ending in August.  There are many things that have gone into our decision, but the Lord has opened an opportunity for Norris to finish his law degree at Notre Dame!!!!

Now, if you know my hubby at all, you will know that this is a dream that he has had forever.  He LOVES Notre Dame and we are so excited that this opportunity has been placed in our lives.  It was not something that we were looking for, but that seems to be how God works with us!  He gives us so many open doors and we are thrilled/nervous to walk through them and see what he has in store for us. 

We will miss Montana and the friends that we made while we were there.  It is a BEAUTIFUL place and we hope that we can visit it again some day.  But we are looking forward to seeing where this new adventure will take us.  (At least 4 years in Thailand or India or Vietnam or Costa Rica or Hawaii or.....)