Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly Update....updated!

I forgot to add her first stamp in her passport!!!!!

Weekly Update....

Well we have finally gotten settled into the new place.  It feels so much like home I just love it!  I can't express how wonderful it is to be back!!! 
As we were heading through security Jovee decided that it would be a great time for a nap! 

She did so well on the plane.  So good that we have talked about were we should go for Christmas!  When we got to the apartment we decided to put some stuff away and get organized and Jovee decided it was time for another nap.  Now I must say she has NEVER fallen asleep on her own so she must have been exhausted......

We had some friends come over on Wednesday and Jovee and Molly got to meet for the first time!

They seemed to hit it off quite well!
We then went to church for the first time and I think Jovee loved it!  I know the people loved her!  

We then went to City Stars to do some shopping at the mall!  We did not brave Spinney's this time it is only 2 days before Ramadan starts and that would have just been pure insanity!

Jovee also took her first taxi ride!  I think she loves having so much to look at all the time! 

Well we had a busy week but it was GREAT!  Jovee really does seem to be adjusting well to the time change and the new surroundings!