Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cairo Traffic

Well the other day Norris and I officially went insane.  I know you may say "that is not a long trip"but with the combination of things it finally happened.
First: We were coming home from school on a Wednesday eagerly waiting to see our daughter and we hit some bad traffic.  Now the thing about Cairo traffic is there really is no reason for the traffic.  You find yourself wondering why you are stuck but then 15-20 minutes later you are through the traffic and there did not seem to be a reason you were stopped.  That is why we always say..."never ask why".  Just go with the flow, which brings us to the second issue....

Second: The country of Egypt decided to change all the cell phone numbers in the country.  We are not really sure why, maybe they have run out of numbers.  It is very likely as there are 25 million people just in the city of Cairo and they all have a cell phone.  Not sure what is was but how they changed them did not make any sense.  Good thing our school sent out a little check list so we could find our number and see what they did to them. 

In order for us to remember our numbers Norris wrote a song.  As we were stopped in traffic for 20 minutes we decided to sing our song on the bus.....  Enjoy!

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