Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Pictures

We took some family Christmas Pictures today.  Yes we did plan it according to Jovee and her mood!!!  We waited until a day that she woke up in a great mood and we did not have anything to do in the morning.  It took until today for all of those to fall into place!

 I love these next pictures, Jovee and her daddy look so much alike!  Especially when they are both laughing!!

I can't get over how much I love this next picture!!

Time for some mommy, daughter pictures!

I wanted to get some of Jovee's awesome dress!  Oh the dress!!  I was feeling a bit depressed that my daughter did not have a dress for Christmas.  Not a Christmas dress, just a dress in general.  We had looked, like what felt, all over Cairo and NOTHING!  Then on Christmas Eve we had to run to the mall for something and we decided to look again.  And ALL of the stores in the mall put our their Fall Clothing line!!  And there was this beautiful dress.  On sale from 500 LE to 100LE!!!!!!!  Talk about a winner!  Plus it is a size 3-4 so she can wear it next year too!  I know it was a silly thing to want but I feel blessed for the answer to prayer!!

And now for some family fun!!!

From The Hams!


  1. you guys!! what gorgeous pictures!! all of you look amazing in them too!! Angela you are radiant!!

  2. Ok, this is mom trying again. I love them all! #18 is a great family picture!