Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 7

This was a special night!  Since we were stuck in Mishawaka for an extra week, we were around for the Bethel College Music Faculty dinner at the Ham's house.  We got to enjoy them singing some of their favorite Hymns and it was lovely.  They also sang "Jesus Loves Me" to Jovee, she loved it!

 CJ was getting tired so we enjoyed the music from the bedroom!

Here is a little video of Jovee enjoying "Jesus Loves Me"

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  1. AHHHH Thanks for posting this!
    I haven't "seen" MJ play in such a LONG time. (As her college roommate, she use to "drag" me to her recitals and concerts...I NEEDED the cultural input, let me tell you!) As usual, her musical ability brings tears to my eyes. She is such a talented woman!
    You have some mighty special in-laws there and your children are truly blessed with some Godly grandparents! I am glad that you are able to spend extra time with them.