Wednesday, February 13, 2013

London 2


 We had a great time on day 2 just relaxing.  We left the hotel with no goals, and it was wonderful!  We ended up seeing the Tower of London, and had the best tour guide, he was so funny.  As you can see I was a bit obsessed with the Tower Bridge, it just looks so cool.  Then we stopped and saw Shakespeare's Globe Theater.  That was awesome.  It had to be moved from the original location but our tour was pretty cool, and then we went into Soho and China town and Piccadilly Square.

After a long day of walking I decided I did not want to have the baby right then so we stopped to watch a movie.  I know, watch a movie while you are on vacation in London.  Well the last movie Norris and I saw together was "The Dark Knight" in 2008 so we figured it was fine!!!  We watched "Wreck-It Ralph" and it was soooooooooo cute!  Glad we stopped for a little relaxation!  

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