Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thailand on the Islands

The next excursion we went on was to 7 different islands. Norris says that there are over 26,000 so we did not see that many but the ones we saw were amazing! They were just like what you would see in a magazine. The first island we went to was bamboo island, but Norris and I looked and we did not see any bamboo!!! But it was very sandy and just great views!!! Then we went to a couple of the Phi Phi islands. There is something like Phi Phi doone, and Phi Phi lake..... and many others. Then we went to Maya Beach which is where they filmed the movie "The Beach". It was really fun but there were a lot of people that day! Then we went snorkeling in this bay! It was really fun but the water was a little low and the fish were right on top of you. They were really pretty but not afraid of people at all! I did not like touching them it made me feel very weird. The coral was really near and bigger than I had ever seen before! (well really I had never seen any beacuse it was the first time I have ever snorkeled!) Then we took the boat out to the middle of the ocean and snorkeled there! IT WAS AWESOME! The water was a little deeper and you could just float over the top of everything. It was sooooooo cool! There were colors of fish I had never seen before! Next time we go we will splurge and get the underwater camera! This time we will just have to do our best to remember! That is o.k. it was so awesome I think I will remember!
Well after our day at sea we were ready for some chow so we went to this little BBQ buffett. it had a bunch of fish and chicken and every Thai thing you could want. While we were eating this group of people came in and sat at our table. They started talking and you could tell they were Americans. Since we have not heard that in a while Norris was interested in saying Hi! So we had a great talk with these people and asked them what they were doing in Thailand. They siad they had been there for 5 weeks and they were making/acting in a move. It is called "the lost medallion" You all have to go see it when it comes out! They were really nice and we swore we knew one of the guys and when we got home we looked up the movie and it was really fun to see them.
Well we really liked the honeymoon and we feel truley blessed that the Lord would allow us to have this experience! Next time we go we want to go to Chaing Mai to see the northern part of Thailand!

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