Sunday, March 29, 2009

thought of the day: LOVE

Well it has been a great weekend! Norris and I were able to sing with our friends on Friday at our MEETING! It was amazing! It is so wonderful how HE shows himself! We have had the best time learning new songs that we did not know in the states. We have loved meeting new people to show us new things! That is the great thing about having a GROP of people from over 20 different countries!! HE is everywhere!!! It is awesome! We talked about washing feet and how it was such a show of love to HIS disciples! Even the disciple who betrayed HIM! What a symbol of love! HE knew before HE meet judas that is was going to happen. Yet HE was still willing to go through the pain just for me and you! WOW! Read John 13. We had it read at our wedding and I do not think I really understood it then. I am sure I do not really understand it now but maybe I do a little more! What a choice HE made to love us and die for us! What a choice we can make every day to not complain, lie, and gossip! I know it is hard and we may stumble but we can try and have a heart towards HIM. I think that he listens to our hearts even when we stumble. He knows our every move and loves us in spite of what we do. Even when we deny him three times he still loves us!! WOW! We love you HCC!!!!!

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