Friday, March 27, 2009

Thailand Krabi (Elephants and Alligators!)

Well, the last couple of days we spent in Thailand were just as great as the first part. We went down to Krabi and spent a lot of time in the sun and on the beach. One day we went on this excursion we found and went because it said there was elephant trekking. All I wanted to do was ride an elephant. Well it also mentioned that there would be some canoeing and possibly swimming if there was time left. Well we thought that sounded great! I was not thrilled with the idea of canoeing but Norris really likes to do that so we were able to compromise and he could canoe and I could ride and elephant. Well we got picked up in the morning and taken to this other hotel and then picked up by our excursion guides. Well we drove for about 45 min. and got to this place in the middle of nowhere by this river. It was very pretty and just what you would see in something like the Amazon River. It was very neat! Well as we were sitting on the dock to get ready to go in the kayak some people looked over and said "is that an alligator?" Just like it was nothing! I was like "WHAT!?!" I am not good with water any way and then having alligators in it did not make it much easier! Well there was nothing I could do we had to get in the kayaks and go down the river! i was terrified! But, I got in and Norris did a good job of steering us the right way!
We were floating down for about 2 or 3 min. and I was just getting used to it when Nichole, one of our new friends we made, said,"Are there piranha's in this river?" Again "WHAT" Well our guide said "Why yes there are!" Oh dear I thought I was going to lose it but I knew I did not want to get out of the kayak! Well there was nothing I could do now so I just tried to calm down and take pictures! When we came to our first cave I thought again I was going to die but we make it through! I finally gained courage during the next caves to take some video and it was awesome! There was so much to video and take pictures of! I think that even though I was terrified it was one of the best parts of the trip! Well after the 3 hour kayaking we went swimming and the time was beginning to run out and we did not think we were going to get on our elephants! It became quite funny because when we asked the other people in our tout they said there were no elephants! "WHAT NO ELEPHANTS?" That make me very sad but after the swimming they dropped Norris and I off with the elephants and everyone else went back to their hotels! They missed out let me tell you!
Klong was the cutest elephant ever! Our guide was so funny and he jumped off of her and just started walking in front of us and going into the woods! Klong would stop and try to eat all the time and she would just stare at the dirt! We thought she was so cute! It was the best time ever! While our guide was in front of us and Norri tried saying all the commands the guide was giving here and she started going really fast! (Well fast for an elephant) It was so funny! We really enjoyed our time on that trip!!!

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  1. The honeymoon to Thailand sounds like it was absolutely amazing! Missing you guys a lot!