Monday, May 31, 2010


So I know that I just put up a post but a lot of things have happened in the last couple of weeks!  Two Fridays ago Norris and I got to lead worship at church on Friday night.  It was a night of just singing and celebrating.  We love that we have been given this path at HCC.  We feel so blessed that we have the ability to meet all the different people at the church.  They are from all parts of the world and they all bring something different to the table.
We have two guys that are really good friends of ours that have just learned that their Mom or Dad have a brain tumor.  It is just great to see how they are able to take this and pray for it.  It is great to see how HCC has come around them to help them.  We got some news about one of our friends Mom and her cancer is very slow moving and benin.  It is such an answer.  He will be home this summer and he will be get to be there for the surgery.  The other one was not as good of news.  His dad has a very advance form of cancer and has been given about 12 weeks to live.  But it is great to listen to him talk about his dad.  He knows that he will either be healed here on earth or when he gets to heaven.....It is neat to see how he has such faith in the one we know!  It is interesting how when these things happen it only brings you closer to HIM!
I have been learning that I have to believe in Who HE Is not What He does.  What a hard lesson to understand.  I am not sure I will ever be able to completely understand, or comprehend that!  I am trying.  I want to believe in Who He is.  He is compassionate and loving and just and powerful.  How wonderful to have that in our lives.  How can I sit here and try to understand what He does.  I can't see the whole picture, only He can.....  How presumptuous that I would say He should do something different or change what He has done......  But how easy it is to do that!  Focus on having a heart like 1and 2 sam. to get a great example of that!!!!!!

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