Saturday, March 20, 2010

You know you are new in Cairo when.....

So Norris and I were reading this magazine and we came across this list......


1. You stop for pedestrians.
2. The secret code of flicking lights and tooting horns has yet to be decoded.
3. Rules of the road have also yet to be decoded-actually and ancient mystery!
4. shopping is still exciting and an adventure.
5. Every time you go to cook a meal you discover yet another basic ingredient you don't have on hand!
6. The cats are cute and the donkey carts are "picturesque".
7. Starbucks/Caffe Greco is a sanctuary-actually that never changes!
8. You carry a map and hope it will soon make sense.
9. You have a purse load of kleenex packets.
10. You have no idea where you live relative to anything.
11. You get nervous walking across a road-and so you should.
12. You pray before every highway journey- well, this doesn't change either!

Some of these things never change.  I still think that shopping is an adventure and I like to try substituting different ingredient in my meals.....It will never be the same way twice that is for sure!  And I always have kleenex, you never know where you will need it and where there will be toilet paper!  I must say the cats are anything but cute and the donkey carts......

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  1. I have #13 You know you are new to Cairo when you still feel the need to talk to your mother every day :)

    Love you,