Saturday, April 3, 2010


So poor Norris has been doing sooooooo much work these past few months.  He is taking classes and teaching classes and trying to help the school become a better place, leading music at HCC and being a husband.  That is A LOT!  Well one of our favorite snacks to make is homemade popcorn on the stove, we do not have a microwave.  It is really tasty! Well when I make it for Norris I do not salt it because he likes it with way more salt that I do.  I prefer to taste my popcorn he prefers to taste the salt!  Well our salt dispenser is the giant container we bought at the beginning of the year.  The other day we made a comment that it has lasted us forever.  We bought a new salt a little while ago thinking that we would be running out soon but it is still going like a champ!  Well at dinner a couple of nights ago we could not find the opened salt container.  We looked and looked and I just assumed Norris had used all of it and thrown it away.  He could not remember either, so we got out the new salt  and life was good!  That night I went to wash my face before bed and when I opened up the cabinet, there staring me in the face was the salt!

  Poor Norris had put the salt in the bathroom not the kitchen!  It was too funny!  We were laughing sooooo hard!  Well Norris is working hard and this weekend to sleep will do him a lot of good!  What a funny guy!  Gotta love him!  

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