Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter :-)

Norris and I decided not to travel anywhere for the holiday weekend this year!  Last year we headed to Greece but this year we thought we would spend it in Egypt.  There is plenty going on with our church family so we knew we would be busy.  We decided to have an alliteration weekend for the days of the week.
Thursday= Tivoli Dome
Friday= Felucca
Saturday= Starbucks
Sunday= Singing
Monday= Movie
Now being in Egypt this long this dod not work out as planned.  Egypt always knows what is "better", or what will actually happen.

Thursday= Tivoli Dome.  Well there is this new place by our apartment called the Tivoli Dome.  It is filled with all sorts of restaurants.  There is a "Outback Steakhouse", "Popeye's Chicken", and about 800 different coffee shops in a tiny little space.  It is a really nice place!  There is a fountain with water and just a great place to hang outside!  Well Norris and I decided that we did not want to spend the money for "outback" so we decided to walk to the mall and eat at the "Rain Forest Cafe".  Well after the 30 minute walk we got to the restaurant only to find that it was closed.....FOR GOOD!  We were sooooooooo sad.  So we had to go to "On the Border", (our new favorite restaurant).  We had a great time in our normal booth and a great chat for the 30 minutes there and back!

Friday= Felucca.  Well Friday was an awesome day!  It started with a great time at HCC for the Good Friday Service.  Then we took a 30 minute nap and then headed over to Maadi.  For those of you who do not know, Maadi is close to the Nile River.  Well to go on a Nile Felucca it is not that expensive.  The problem is it is hard to make change.  All we had was 100LE and we did not need to give that away.  Magically if we handed them that bill they really would not have any change!  Well there is a "Friday's" right next to the dock where you get boats so we thought if we could run over and grab a drink than we could break our 100 and plus we could have a nice cold soda for our boat ride!  Well we forgot to factor in that fact that "Friday's" would not have to go drinks!  Well needless to say after the hour we wasted we finally were on our way in the Felucca!  Except there was one MAJOR issue!  There was NO wind. If you have ever been on a sail boat you know you can not get far if you have no wind!  Well after about 50 minutes we had moved about 5 feet from shore!  Norris and I were laughing soooo hard.  The poor man in charge of our felucca was sooooo bored he fell alseep over the rudder!

  Well after that we made it back to shore and met some friends and went to this fabulous Korean Restaurant "Gaya"!!!  IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!  I can't wait to go again.  We ended the evening playing cards at our friends.  We learned a new game called Monopoly deal!  If you have never played you MUST!

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