Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ants are Taking Over

Well this weekend was going to be one of rest and relaxation.  Quickly that turned into stress and frustration!!!!!  Ants were taking over the world, it felt like.  I guess it was just our kitchen but that is bad enough!  There is nothing more disgusting than having ants all over.  I definitely made Norris go out for dinner on Friday because I could not take the ants!  We had a nice little bug bombing party but sadly that did not seem to work.  Instead it brought all the ants from the kitchen into the living room!  So all day Saturday was dedicated to cleaning off all parts of the kitchen that had been sprayed and the dishes that were sprayed and the living room!!!  I am pretty sure I lost some brain cells but I guess it might have been worth it because for NOW they are gone.  Moved out probably just long enough for us to put everything back.  I guess I will take one day of a ant free kitchen!!!!!

Does anyone know how ants multiply???  It seems that there are just millions of them all of a sudden!  Out of no where they just turn up to destroy sanity!!!!!!!!!!
But I can say that I am so blessed to have a place that ants can come.  At least I have a home for them to enter.  At least I have food they can get into.  At least I can go to the store to buy new apples!  Priase Him who takes care of our every need!  HE is great and awesome and a wonderful creator even of the little things in life!!!!    


  1. sorry about the ants. yucky! :)

  2. Thanks Jenilee. They seem to be gone....for the moment!