Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pigeons Attack

So Norris and I have had an attack of pigeons lately!  The other day we were walking up our stairs and there was one sitting by our doorway.  It did not move when we walked up the stairs so we knew it had been hurt.  when we went out in the morning there was evidence by the amount of feathers that a cat had gotten in our building and the pigeon was gone.  It had flown through a window in the hallway and it was not going to make it. 
Well the other day when I was washing dishes I had a FRIENDS moment.  There is an episode in FRIENDS where a pigeon fly's through an open window in the apartment and Rachel has to catch it and put it back outside.  Well the other day that just about happened to me.  I am glad that the pigeon could not quite figure out how to get in.  It scared me to death.  I shut the window faster than he could figure out how to get in. Good thing he did not get in.  With Norris not here I am not sure what I would have done!  I would have just opened all the windows and hope he found his way out!!!!!!

Well I did not have to worry because he did not quite make it in but it made me laugh, after I realized he would not get in.  I hope that the other pigeons learn not to come through the windows because I do not want to have to through a pigeon out!

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