Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Starbucks.... :-)

Interesting little fact about the Hams:

So Norris and I like to walk to Starbucks on Saturday mornings to plan our life.  We laugh that it is usually changed after the 30 minute walk home but while we are there our plans sound perfect!  Well neither one of us is a coffee drinker, so when we are there we usually get these "Ice Blended Frappuccinos".  For about a month they did not have the Syrup to make the drink so the only way they could make it was if they put coffee in it.  Well we just got used to it and now we always just order it with the coffee.  Because there is so much sugar in it you really can barely taste the coffee.

       On Tuesdays and Wednesday's there is an option to go to school early.  The only problem with that is the bus meets in front of McDonald's.  Oh Dear......I have been rewarding myself for getting up early by ordering a Cappuccino.  Well when Norris was gone last week I decided that it was important for me to go outside everyday, even though he was not here.  So I would walk to the Starbucks and order a "Carmel Ice Blend Frappuccino."  I kept getting the kind with coffee and by the end of the week I would walk in and they knew exactly what I wanted!  YIKES!  Well I think it has finally happened.  Norris and I are becoming addicted to drinking coffee.  I think it is happening more to me than to him, because he drinks so much soda, but nonetheless it is happening!  I have to say we both still do not like regular coffee but when it has all the sugars and ice stuff in it I am hooked!

YUMMMM.....I am heading to Starbucks......wanna come??????  

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