Sunday, August 9, 2009

4 years of bliss

Well maybe it has not all been bliss but the last 4 years have been pretty awesome. My hubby and I have spent some great years traveling. We did not really know we wanted to travel but the Lord made it pretty obvious to us this last year. We had one of the hardest times in our lives last summer. (it was not that tough...but praise the Lord it was the hardest thing we have gone through together.) We were glad we went through it though and we would not change our situation for anything. We did not have a job and no one would hire us because we had to much education and we did not have car our an apartment or anything! We pretty much just had the clothes on our back and our lap top!!!!!! Well he was breaking us and making us follow him and not our own ideas! We are so glad he got a hold of our hearts! We then moved to Egypt because it was the only place we could get a job. It was the best year of our life and now we get to go back! We are supper excited! We are going to be living there for the next two years! We are thrilled to see what the Lord is going to do with us! We just try to live one day at a time but I guess it is human to try to live a year at a time or sometimes more!!! When we think about what he has done for us in the last 4 years we can't wait to have 4 more years! It may not be perfect bliss because we are on earth and nothing is perfect BUT it is as close as I imagine we can get! What a wonderful gift marriage is! I am so glad the Lord created man and women for each other! Being Married is the best!!!


  1. wow... you are going back to Egypt! that is amazing! going back to work? we are celebrating 8 years in September... marriage is wonderful, hard and the best thing on earth. :) right?

  2. Wow! Back to Egypt... definitely not where I thought ya'll were going but that's amazing and being in the middle of His will is truly the best place to be... and the only place I really want to be. Excited for you guys and can't wait for more stories in the coming years:)