Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekly Update

Jovee has done a lot of things in the past week.  Her biggest achievement has been rolling from her back to her front!  She loves to do it!  We set her down and over she goes.  The problem is....she then gets mad that she is on her tummy and can't reach her toys.  Now I know everyone says there baby is the best and does things super early but I think she might crawl soon.  (Norris thinks I am crazy.  He says she crawls about 1mm every two hours!!!!!!!!!)  I think she has daddy's determined personality, you never know, right? 
 Also we got her a fun new toy.  It is a walker and she loves to walk around with it!  It is really cute because she just goes in a circle.  I feel like she is like Kelsey my parents dog.  She can only turn one direction :-)
Jovee uses a new bottle top!!!!  If you know anything about her ability to eat, or lack there of, you will also be impressed.  We had to buy some new bottles and we tried the tops and she could eat with them and not choke!!!!  We were so excited.  She can now eat in about 10-15 minutes instead of 30-45 minutes!!!!  It is awesome!!!!!! 
Other than that we are just hanging out trying getting ready to go back to school!!!  Two more weeks of vacation!

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