Thursday, August 4, 2011

She's Here

The first blog I posted about Jovee's birth was deleted for some reason.  So I will try to write another one.  It is going to be different than the first because thanks to the Lord I have already forgotten the pain that I endured while birthing her.  I do know that it was totally worth it but it was not easy.
I tried to tell myself that it would be the hardest thing I would ever do and also be the most painful thing I would ever experience.  I think with that in my head it did not turn out to be that bad :-) 
I must say that I am soooooo glad Norris was able to make it.  I tired to tell myself the weeks leading up to labor that if Norris was not able to make it I would be fine.  I would get through it and he would be here as soon as he could.  Well good thing the Lord knew best.  Norris got back 2 days before I went into labor and there was NO WAY I could have done it without him!  I took some advice from my friend Allison and wrote down a bunch of scripture that I could read and pray through as I was having contractions.  I am glad that my dad was there because he was able to read them to me as Norris was telling me to breath and my mom was pushing on my back..... for some reason I had some back pain. 

I really can't thank Allison enough for her blog about he son's birth.  It helped me realize that this process could be a very spiritual process.  The Lord really helped me because I did not even know that 10 hours had gone by.  I was only in labor for 12 and I think it was pretty average.  When they told me I was at 9cm I almost started crying.  I had no idea I was that close.  My mom told me later she was glad she did not tell me I would have a baby in the next 20 minutes....because it took 2 1/2 hours for Jovee to arrive!!!  It felt like half an hour to me...thanks to the Lord!!!!  When Norris told me it had been 2 1/2 hours I was shocked!!!!! Every time I started to get discouraged I would pray for our new child, I ask the Lord to help someone else who was going through labor.  There were times that I was selfish and I asked him to just get me through ONE MORE CONTRACTION!!!!!  He always did :-)  And now we have our sweet little Jovee or "The Joverton" as Norris calls her!!!!

Norris and I as we are heading to the hospital....
 Waiting for baby Jovee to come!!!! 
 She is here.....sweet little 9lbs bundle of joy!
 A family picture. Nothing will ever be the same again....
Well Jovee was perfect....of course as every mother and father would say, all 9lbs of her!!!

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